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Web planner

A sales forecasting tool designed for business planning and analyzing a company’s performance.

    Customer and challenge

    Nissin Foods (U.S.A.) Co., Inc. is a branch of a Japanese food company that specializes in the production and sales of ready-to-cook food and instant noodles. The company has offices and factories in nine countries, and its products are sold worldwide.

    The client needed help to automate the process of sales planning and improve document management. EffectiveSoft was chosen to develop a custom enterprise software system from scratch. It was necessary to ensure the ability to access the application both from within the corporate network and from outside the company. In addition, our engineers had to provide interoperability with the existing third-party business management solutions used by the customer.

    While working on the project, the development team faced a problem of the application’s low performance resulting from the fact that a large amount of data had to be analyzed, calculated and filtered each time a forecast was modified.


    It took EffectiveSoft almost four months to develop the first version of the custom erp software system. Our engineers successfully overcame the challenge of the application’s low performance by implementing an inner data warehouse dynamically applying all the changes when the data was modified.

    Web Planner is a corporate server-based web application for planning the end-to-end sales strategy based on comprehensive forecasts and analytics. Thanks to Azure Active Directory, the application can be securely accessed via any commonly used Internet browser on a PC connected to the Internet.

    Web Planner has several advanced features. The custom web application saves all input and generated data and can make sales forecasts automatically based on this stored historical data. It also helps sales managers and other employees to analyze the current sales rates and compare them with the ones in the previous fiscal year. The application generates informative charts and diagrams, thus giving the users a clear understanding of the changes in the completed sales and providing insights into the future figures.


    • The system supports multiple user roles (Admin, Broker, Sales Manager, Supervisor, Sales Finance, and VP) with different access rights.
    • A user-friendly interface makes it very easy to enter, modify, calculate, view, sort, and filter Sales Forecasts and Deals (Promotions) data.
    • The History of the forecast includes the information about the person, date, time and reason for the performed change.
    • The data about sales forecasts and actual sales is jointly analyzed to highlight which factors are affecting the company’s financial goals. This information can be used to generate ideas of how to achieve these goals more efficiently.
    • A graphical dashboard varies depending on the user role and may contain visualized reports including Year-To-Date and Year-To-Go breakdowns, the graphs and charts comparing the data by years and months with the option to drill down into the detailed information about the displayed values.
    • Import  of Excel spreadsheets  (.xls files) is a convenient way of providing data to Web Planner. The data can also be exported to other applications.
    • Two-way data exchange with third-party business management solutions (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics NAV and other tools and services) provides a synergizing effect.

    Apart from Web Planner, EffectiveSoft completed a few other projects for the customer. The three products together, the claims management system, the ticket tracking system, and Web Planner, make up a complex business management software pack.

    Tools and technologies

    .Net Framework, WebAPI, EntityFramework, Angular development, CastleWindsor, XUnit, Highcharts, Bootstrap, LESS, TypeScript, JavaScript, Azure, Azure AD, Azure WebJobs, JSON, AJAX, T-SQL, HTML

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