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Claims management system

A web-based application designed to streamline customer claims processing for a company working in geographically dispersed markets.

    Customer and challenge

    Nissin Foods (U.S.A.) Co., Inc. is a branch of a Japanese company that produces and sells ready-to-cook food and instant noodles. The company has offices and factories in 9 countries, and its products are sold worldwide. With the increase in the number of regional brokers and their clients, the customer decided to replace its existing claims management system with a custom enterprise application development, as its performance and functionality became unsatisfactory.

    EffectiveSoft was requested to develop a custom web app to improve the process of managing claims submitted by the clients.

    • Client

      Nissin Foods Co., Inc.
    • Country

    • Domain

      Food production
    • Solution

      Claims management system
    • Service

      Web application development
    • Technology

      C#, JavaScript, AngularJS


    The Claims Management System automates the processing flow: the claims are categorized by region or market and forwarded for further handling to a respective department of the company.

    Every time a claim is modified and assigned to another employee, a responsible person automatically receives a notification.

    User authentication is implemented via Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) synced with the local Nissin Foods’ Active Directory (AD). As a result,  company-wide user management, authentication and access control rules are applied to the application in a unified manner.

    Once a claim is updated, the system creates a new revision of the claim and stores the previous one in History. For each revision the application indicates who initiated, updated, approved and closed it.

    The users registered in the system may be assigned different roles with specific permissions and features (Broker, VP, Reconciliation Clerk, Regional Sales Manager, Sales Funds Administrator) in Active Directory.


    • Claims are centrally stored and can be accessed 24/7.
    • Access to claims and processing permissions depends on the authority level and location (region, market) of the employee.
    • Claims can be classified by categories, which facilitates extended search and export to Excel.
    • The claim status provides information about the current processing stage and the person responsible for claim processing at a particular stage.
    • Every claim goes through several stages of review and approval, and the History records show its status, as well as who and when created (modified) the claim.
    • When the user submits a claim, built-in validation check is performed automatically  to ensure that the claim includes all the required information and refers to the products manufactured by Nissin Foods.
    • At the claim creation (or update) step, the supporting documents are attached to the claim to provide the responsible employee with all the necessary information straightaway.
    • Automated email notifications of claim updates are sent to the involved parties according to the workflow.

    Apart from the claims management system, EffectiveSoft completed a few other projects for the customer. Web Planner (a sales forecasting tool), the ticket tracking system, and the claims management system compose an integral part of a complex business management software pack.

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