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Custom Trading Software Development

EffectiveSoft has wide experience in delivering custom trading, stock management, financial and banking solutions to individuals and enterprises.

To successfully conduct transactions and make profit, traders need to instantly get relevant information, be alerted with live stock updates, conduct researches, get timely reports, recommendations and notifications. Trading platforms comprise all the necessary tools to facilitate users’ work.

The more flexible the platform is, the greater profit its owner gets. That’s why the task of the developer here is to make trading software solutions competitive and add an array of valuable features, including 24/7 access to transactions (via cloud platforms, mobile and desktop apps).

Custom Software for Trading and Finance

Trading Software:

We offer professional development, customization, and integration of trading platforms. Our comprehensive solutions are aimed at addressing all the burning needs of traders and platform owners.

Our developers devote much time and effort to analyze the industry specifics so that our clients respond to all the challenges they may face.

Get in touch with our managers to discuss the development of:

  • dynamic payment platforms;
  • personal finance management applications;
  • money transfer systems;
  • P2P (peer-to-peer) applications;
  • mobile payment applications.

Our trading solutions:

  • Custom trading software development

    Custom trading software

    Design, development, customization and integration of custom trading platforms. Custom stock software development services.
  • Development of robots for different platforms, automated strategies and alerts systems, financial forecasting and planning.
  • Mobile client apps for trading platforms, stock exchange mobile solutions, financial news analyses and aggregation for such mobile platforms as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and other.
  • Automatic data aggregation and analysis. Data visualization, financial forecasts, trends detection.

Let’s discuss your business challenge and develop a perfect custom trading solution!

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Trading platforms and Brokerage solutions case studies

Trading App for Android and BlackBerry

Trading App for Android and BlackBerry

This software allows users to spread bet and trade CFDs on the go. The customer addressed EffectiveSoft with the request to create Android and BlackBerry applications with the same functionality that the trading app for iPhone and iPod touch had. The new applications let users work on a single platform, monitor markets, access the tightest spreads, and do other activities via their personal accounts. After the completion of this project, the customer continued working with us on the creation of other trading apps, relishing continuous support from the QA and tech department. This customer testimonial is a clear proof of the project success.

Case Study: Allaudin Commodities

Childcare Platform

This Online Trading Platform developed from scratch boasts rich functionality and provides users with a bunch of powerful capabilities. The solution allows undertaking trading activities in a safe way, obtaining fresh information on markets and getting timely notifications.

Case Study: Execution Management System

Microgen 5Series Secure Web Portal

The Execution Management System (back office) is aimed at assisting buy- and sell-side users in dealing with their trading activities and improving performance. Our developers enriched the client’s existing system with a wide range of new features and extended the server functionality.

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