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SentralBinders document management system

A single secure environment for collaboration of medical specialists during clinical trials of new drugs and medical devices.

SentralBinders document management system

    Customer and challenge

    Sentral Clinical Research Services, LLC (SCRS) is a U.S. company specializing in medical research of new drugs and medical devices. The company’s aim is to facilitate the participation of physicians and patients in clinical research.

    A clinical trial is a complex process that involves a lot of documentation and cooperation of many medical specialists both at dedicated research facilities and in the private practice setting. Physicians’ collaboration and medical data analysis constitute an important part of the process.

    As the amount of research data expanded, the company reached out to EffectiveSoft to develop a unified document management system that would be highly flexible and user-friendly, keeping document version control and approval workflows.

    • Client

      Sentral Clinical Research Services, LLC
    • Country

    • Domain

    • Solution

    • Service

      Custom software development
    • Technology

      .NET, C#, Angular JS, MsSQL


    The customer had only a general idea of what the system should look like. During the regular meetings our team discussed the system wireframes and functional specifications with the client to ensure that all the customer’s requirements were met.

    As a result, our engineers developed the document management system SentralBinders. It simplifies teamwork, expedites document exchange (in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats), and ensures mobility of participants due to access available from different devices (both PCs and iPads).


    Transparent and automated workflow    

    • The documentation is well-organized to enable search across projects and folders.
    • A document can be uploaded, reviewed, edited, approved, rejected, signed electronically, downloaded, and printed.

    Flexible and reliable data management    

    • Access to documents is based on the user identity and permission control.
    • Admins assign users to groups and projects depending on the research subject.

    Simplified version control and history tracking   

    • Notifications about new assignments and document updates are sent to all the users related to the research project.
    • The users can change the document status depending on the results of processing (Rejected, Completed, etc.).
    • Remarks can be addressed to a certain user or multiple users with the help of the QcNotes feature. The selected users get a notification with a direct link to the comment in the document, so there is no need to browse the entire file looking for a certain comment.

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