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Inventory management app

Developed from scratch and integrated with the custom ERP system, the solution lets the warehouse staff take a full control over the inventory in stock.

Waterway Inventory Management App

    Client and challenge

    Waterway Plastics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of pool and hot tub/spa and Whirlpool Bath equipment for the USA and international markets. The overall business process in the company from design up to end-product delivery to consumers involves participation of many people.

    To facilitate staff collaboration and data exchange across departments, we completely perfected existing ERP for the same customer. Impressed by the domain expertise and business acumen of the team, Waterway Plastics eagerly delegated us a new task in logistics software development industry – the development of the app for tracking of the inventory in their warehouse.

    • Client

      Waterway Plastics, Inc.
    • Country

    • Solution

      Mobile and desktop apps
    • Services

      Mobile and desktop pp development
    • Domain


    For the ease of access of the warehouse data, the customer needed desktop and mobile versions of the app. We developed the both solutions from the ground up based on .NET technology. The Inventory Management app functions as a custom desktop app on Windows OS and a customized mobile application on the Motorola mobile computer and devices alike. It communicates with the corporate database via Entity Framework.


    Whether there is a need to sort out new items from the production or pack ordered products for delivery, the app smartly guides the worker within the warehouse. It prompts the location and category of the products and what to do next. Every movement of the inbound and outbound inventory is tracked and recorded with the help of the app, thereby ensuring that not a single piece is lost or wrongly placed.


    To create the app as user-friendly as possible, we asked the warehouse personnel to test it in real life. Based on their feedbacks we added some additional features and delivered a fully-fledged solution accompanying:

    • Organized products allocation
    • Optimized inventory management
    • Efficient and timely orders fulfillment
    • No need to create diverse reports manually

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