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EffectiveSoft has been rendering custom application development since 2000 following quality standards and design guidelines. We help to bring our customers’ ideas to life utilizing the latest technologies as well as UX and design trends in custom mobile application development.

Mobile app trends

mobile wallet app development

Payments & Beacon Technology

Mobile payment apps (e.g., mobile wallets and NFC-based apps) are used for secure and fast payments and money transfers. Beacon technology provides contactless marketing sending signals to the beacon-enabled apps. Such apps help you engage with your customers sending them location-based notifications thus personalizing offers and increasing sales.

Location tracking mobile app development

Motion and Location Tracking

Most modern mobile devices (smartphones, wearables, drones, etc.) are equipped with multiple motion and position sensors which can be utilized for building various motion and location tracking applications. Such solutions are based on GPS, Cell ID, and Wi-Fi and can track location both online and offline.

AI app development

Artificial Intelligence

AI empowers mobile apps adding efficient data-driven features and data analytics. We integrate AI into applications by delivering media and other input to the AI components and utilize Deep Learning, NLP and predictive analytics to build neat solutions that will make your business excel.

IoT app development

Internet of Things

The increasing number of connected devices has led to a strong demand for high-quality IoT apps. We leverage our expertise in the development of custom IoT applications that are controlled through a mobile interface. These solutions can complement smart homes, hospitals, warehouses and production facilities, and even smart cities.

AR mobile app development

Augmented Reality

We develop interactive apps with AR support that overlay digital information and expand real-world scenes. We use the latest technologies, including GPS data processing and audio/ video streaming, to create an immersive AR experience for: training simulators, construction visualizing, and location-based games.

VR mobile app development

Virtual Reality

VR significantly improves such rapidly growing sectors as healthcare, engineering, education, construction and real estate, and entertainment. VR enables users to experience an emulated world, to see life-sized virtual 3D images and interact with them. We develop custom VR apps for simulators, VR headsets, platforms, and 3D-modeling.

Instant mobile app development

Instant Apps

Instant apps are small programs that allow end-users to try a piece of a native Android app without installing it on their device. Such apps enable users to learn the main functionality without taking up device storage. Instant apps fuel the interest in your Android solution and increase the overall number of installs.

Smartwatch mobile app development


It is the most powerful trend in wearable devices, and our mobile department is ready to build advanced custom solutions for both Android and iOS. Smartwatches can work independently from smartphones, so your business can operate across several platforms.

Android auto app development

Android Auto

We develop robust applications for Google Android Auto which turn your car's infotainment system into a lightweight version of your Android smartphone. The integration of a smartphone into a vehicle ensures access to the navigation maps, music, phone calls, and other functions, thus providing a pleasant driving experience.

BLE mobile app development

BLE Apps

Our expert team offers apps that link Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons with smartphones. This technology is designed for near field communication with lower energy consumption. For BLE apps, we connect additional Bluetooth interfaces that can increase the number of devices attached to the host.

Smart TV app development

Smart TV

Our mobile developers have expertise in providing applications for Smart TV. We build interactive and intuitive custom solutions that are supported on all Smart TVs. Our apps will give your audience a rich source of services and content and provide them with the perfect experience of using your app on the big screen.

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mobile app development process

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