JavaScript Development with EffectiveSoft

JavaScript is solid platform for web development. EffectiveSoft developers are proficient in JavaScript programming and custom web development combining JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

JavaScript / TypeScript technologies we use

Custom web development with JavaScript

We improve the design and functionality of custom websites with manifold features creating anything from dynamic visual effects to asynchronous communication between the browser and server, in the JavaScript-based applications able to withstand high load. Contact us for more information about our JavaScript programming services or for a free assessment of your project. Contact us for more information about our JavaScript programming services or for a free estimation of your project.

Our expertise

JavaScript is a universal platform for both client side and server side development. It helps to create cross-platform apps and save much time and money. Our development expertise includes a thorough mastery of such libraries as AngularJS, Backbone, Knockout, JQuery, EmberJS, React and other. EffectiveSoft JavaScript developers are experienced in:

  •  client-side web solutions;
  •  interface design and development;
  • enhancement of website design and site design components with rollovers, dropdowns, slideshows, scrollers, embedded audio and video and other effects;
  •  integration with a number of plugins for E-commerce applications and CMS;
  •  server-side web applications programming;
  •  desktop and mobile applications;
  • game development;
  • custom programming of tools and utilities such as calendars, calculators and other.

Technology overview

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