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Tickets tracking system

A web-based system for managing user requests related to hardware or software issues (tickets), as well as coordinating and monitoring IT department’s tasks within a company.

    Customer and challenge

    Our customer is Nissin Foods (USA) Co., Inc. It is a branch of Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd., the worldwide renowned producer and seller of convenience food and instant noodles. For many years, the company has been using three different software products to record the employees’ requests, calculate budgets, generate numerous reports, etc. A large increase in staff (as of March 2018, the company had 12,539 employees) and successful expansion of the business overseas required a unified advanced solution that would quickly and efficiently process and resolve user requests (tickets) concerning daily routine issues.

    The out-of-the-box systems offered in the market were costly and replete with many redundant features. Having an excellent experience of cooperation with EffectiveSoft, the company turned to us to develop a custom enterprise software solution which would consolidate the functions of the dispersed systems used in the company.

    Apart from the requirements to the main functionality, the solution had to be scalable, easy-to-use and maintain, and support data visualization.

    • Client

      Nissin Foods Co., Inc.
    • Country

    • Domain

      Food production
    • Solution

      Tickets tracking system
    • Service

      Web application development
    • Technology

      C#, JavaScript, .Net, AngularJS


    It took our team less than two months to develop a ticket tracking system in full compliance with customer requirements.

    The web application provides a well-organized issue resolution workflow that is implemented and configured based on the customer’s organizational chart and communication rules.

    With this solution, the staff members do not need to spend time exchanging emails or rushing into another office for help. An employee leaves a support request with a brief description, and this ticket is automatically sent to a responsible person. Depending on the stage of problem resolution, the ticket may have different statuses, such as Pending, Assigned, Completed, In Progress, etc.

    The Tickets Tracking System offers an opportunity to manage the projects related to the IT department (software or hardware updates, implementation of new solutions, performance of audits, etc.). The app monitors the budget, actual spending at the current stage and progress of the project. This information is visualized in various reports and provides analytics to further improve the workflows.


    • Role-based access (Regular User, Department Manager, IT Manager, HR Manager, and IT Personnel) and individually adjustable user dashboards offer refined functionality depending on the needs of users.
    • Requests can be sent from any email client with a definite address and subject provided. The system recognizes such an email as a ticket and places it in a queue.
    • A simple and intuitive user interface and 24/7 availability ensures extensive user adoption.
    • With a smart mail notification system, all the stakeholders of the issue resolution are instantly notified about any action performed.
    • The IT Manager can create projects, define their budget, and appoint people who are responsible for the project execution and monitoring.
    • The following performance reports are supported:

    The Time Sheets report reflects the time spent, users involved and the project duration. Report’s export to Excel (.xls file format) is available.

    KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) include FCR (First-Call Resolution), PCV (Project Cost Variance), and PSV (Project Schedule Variance) reports.

    Audit reports display lists of projects and tickets for the current month with the description, due date, assignees, and status of the request.


    • The customer got an advanced custom solution that perfectly fitted the corporate needs.
    • The application does not require any additional software, it is available online via any Internet browser and accepts emails from any email client application.
    • Manual data entry, which is both time-consuming and prone to mistakes, was eliminated.
    • Employee productivity increased due to enhanced service provisioning.

    Apart from Tickets Tracking System, EffectiveSoft completed a few other projects for the customer. Along with Claims Management System and Web Planner, Tickets Tracking System is part of a complex business management software pack.

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