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EffectiveSoft is a trusted Agile software development company that has been creating efficient solutions since 2000. With our Agile development services, we optimize value creation and deliver high-quality products that satisfy clients’ demands and comply with business requirements.

Agile software development

What is Agile

Agile is an adaptive software development approach centered around client collaboration and continuous delivery. As devoted Agile followers, we support the values and principles of this approach, ensuring that we consistently improve the product on which we are working. Using different Agile frameworks and methods, such as Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), or Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), and combining them with DevOps practices, we bring our clients’ ideas to life with valuable solutions.

During the development process, we focus on the following aspects:

what is agile

Advantages of Agile software development

Our Agile software development services

Industries we work with

We use our Agile experience to develop custom software for the following industries:

  • Healthcare
    Our Agile software development in healthcare includes building HIPAA compliant custom medical products, EMR and EHR systems, laboratory management systems, practice management solutions, medical imaging software, and all-in-one healthcare applications for hospitals, clinics, biotech companies, laboratories, pharma suppliers, and medical equipment manufacturers.
    agile development for healthcare
  • Banking and finance
    Our experts provide secure and reliable solutions, such as business financial systems, risk management and analytics software, banking front- and back-office, payment and billing applications, investment software, and financial mobile applications using the latest technology trends including blockchain, AI, and IoT.
    agile software development for fintech
  • Trading
    Our Agile software development outsourcing services involve helping investment institutions, financial organizations, trust funds, brokerages, and other trading companies by providing custom trading platforms, mobile trading applications, analytical solutions, trading automation software with a focus on security and confidentiality of trading operations.
    agile development for trading
  • Logistics and transportation
    With our expertise in the logistics and transportation industry, we deliver high-quality industry software, such as solutions for vehicle, container and cargo management, warehouse and order management, navigation and routing optimization, planning, data visualization and reporting systems, automation through IoT, and more.
    agile development for logistics
  • Telecom
    Staying up-to-date with the ever-changing security standards and increased demand for reliable and fast connectivity, we develop custom-tailored telecom software, such as business support systems, productivity and QoS solutions, operations support systems, and other applications
    agile development for telecom
  • Education
    Keeping up with the modern requirements for education and ensuring compliance with SCORM, xAPI, and LTI, EffectiveSoft experts create learning management systems, platforms for online learning, employee training solutions, scheduling, billing, and other software suitable for desktop computers and mobile devices.
    agile development for education
  • Taking advantage of the latest tech trends, including virtual and augmented reality, our experts help companies engage audiences by delivering custom software for the entertainment industry, such as gaming companies, movies and music studios, news agencies, and more.
    agile development for entertainment
  • E-commerce
    Our expertise in custom e-commerce development allows us to provide high-quality solutions, including trading software, payment gateway solutions, CRM, online stores and marketplaces, POS software, Magento and OsCommerce solutions, and mobile applications for e-commerce, integrating such tech trends as AI, and augmented and virtual reality.
    agile development for e-commerce
agile development for healthcare
agile software development for fintech
agile development for trading
agile development for logistics
agile development for telecom
agile development for education
agile development for entertainment
agile development for e-commerce

How we work

The process of Agile development is performed in iterations, or sprints, meaning that each cycle of product delivery is a small project on its own. To provide transparency, client involvement and satisfaction, we regularly organize calls, meetings, or discussions with our clients.

Our development workflow:

agile development process

Scrum development process

During each sprint, we focus on one or several features or functions, ensuring that each part works flawlessly.


scrum development

F.A.Q for Agile software development

  • The Agile Manifesto is a set of principles and values that guide Agile development. The four core values are:

    • Individuals and interactions over process and tools.
    • Working software over comprehensive documentation.
    • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
    • Responding to change over following a plan.

  • Agile works best when:

    • The project is complex and urgent.
    • The product vision is not well defined.
    • The full scope of requirements is not outlined.
    • The decision-making process is quick.
    • The time necessary for the project is difficult to estimate.
    • The client company does not have complex bureaucracy.

  • Agile development solutions imply a rapid and iterative development process with the focus on valuable work, which means that less-valuable elements are pruned away, allowing the development team to minimize product failures and resource investments. Productivity and task prioritization also eliminate downtime between processes, reducing development costs.

  • Scrum is an iterative and incremental process framework that follows the principles of Agile and is used to manage product development. It consists of a series of software delivery sprints, ensuring that development teams release a product version regularly. Additionally, it implies that these development teams are self-organized, learn through experiences, and continuously improve.

  • Kanban is an Agile illustrative framework that ensures management flexibility, transparency, and constant improvement. Kanban boards enable task tracking that visually represents the work progress, ensuring that everyone who is involved in the development can monitor the project flow and see the advancement of the tasks.


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