Wearable App Development

EffectiveSoft offers wearable devices app development to help businesses facilitate information, exchange and seamlessly process data from visual and tactile sensors and conveniently visualize it. With the help of wearable devices apps, you will increase your market share, keep in touch with the users, and stay ahead of the game.

Wearable software development

Wearable application development

Smartwatch apps

EffectiveSoft offers value-added services for wearable devices app development. We develop apps for smartwatches that allow for interaction with other devices. The app functions also include push notifications from email clients and social networks, call management, audio/video communications, productivity tracking, gaming, payment options via NFC, and more.

Fitness wearable apps

We develop custom applications for fitness devices: smartwatches, arm- and wristbands, clip-on and chest straps, and other wearables. These apps track activity and monitor such vitals as sleep patterns, heart rate, and blood pressure. We also offer custom-designed dashboards that are used to input additional fitness data: results control, step counting, calories consumed, and exercises performed.

Medical wearables

Medical wearables are used to remotely collect data on users' personal health, track location, send SOS requests. We develop custom applications for wearable health devices, including ECG, blood pressure and glucose monitors, biosensors, and medication reminders.

Security wearable software

Wearable devices play a big role in supporting security. We develop one-touch alert and emergency software, as well as applications to facilitate biometric fingerprinting and face/voice recognition.

Wearable NFC and beacon connectivity

We add NFC and beacon technology to wearable devices (wristbands, rings, and watches) and accompany them with custom apps. NFC and beacons connect devices via tags and carry out such operations as making payments, tracking the location of the device/person, sending notifications to the device or the centralized management system.

AR / VR devices and headsets

AR and VR wearable apps allow users to keep their hands free with their eyes focused on doing the tasks. We develop companion applications for augmented and virtual reality wearables that provide easy visualization and unique user experience.

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