Financial Software Development

The fintech industry has to follow complex and strict requirements for software usability, advanced security, scalability and efficient performance while working with big data. At EffectiveSoft, we work in close collaboration with many financial companies and know the industry well enough to avoid all possible pitfalls. By delivering financial software development services for financial institutions we create secure and reliable IT ecosystems.

Financial software development services

We leverage our experience to build custom financial software:

Trading Software

High-quality trading software must meet such requirements as a flawless performance, reliable connectivity, security and access to up-to-date data. We offer off-the-shelf desktop and web-enabled solutions, currency exchange applications, complex trading platforms, automated trading systems, and cryptocurrency trading software.

Analytics Solutions

Financial data analytics software latest tech trends, including BI and machine learning, and deliver custom analytics software to financial organizations to support decision-making with real-time analytics/ information and promote accurate forecasting.

Investment Software

We deliver custom investment management solutions for operational optimization throughout the investment process. Our products maximize compliance, analytics, accounting efficiency, and more. Investment management software includes dashboards and charts that handle the following tasks: reporting, fees calculations, and data aggregation.

Risk Management Software

Working with finances means ensuring that all the risks are identified, assessed and monitored promptly. We design solutions that predict and prevent credit, liquidity, and operational risks. In addition, our products help in fraud analysis and regulation management.

Personal Finance Management

We offer personal finance management systems to those who want to allocate the budget wisely, set up and achieve financial goals. A personal finance management app allows placing financial accounts into one space, Such systems synchronize with banks, collect stats, generate reports, and fulfil other important tasks.

Payment/Billing Software

We help our customers get easy-to-use secure solutions for payment and billing as well as integrate new software into the existing system. We build payment gateway software, billing and invoicing systems, virtual terminals, and other solutions that process transactions, manage invoices, send payment reminders, and track digital receipts.

Banking Software

Banks opt for secure and flexible software to provide high-end services to their clients. Our bank software developers combine advanced technologies with rich functionality and deliver cutting-edge banking solutions: mobile and internet banking, lending software, loan and mortgage systems, accounting apps, and software for retail banks.

Bank Front- and Back-Office

We provide banking software development services and deliver systems that support front- and back-office operations. Customer engagement, logistics, and CRM systems help front offices generate income and improve customer loyalty. Back-office development requires software that powers routine and strategic operations of bank personnel. This is software for business analysis, document management, entire workflow administration, and risks assessment.

Business Finance Software

As a reliable financial software development company, EffectiveSoft aims to provide business owners with exemplary financial applications: commercial and customer payment software, revenue management systems, billing and accounting solutions, and more. Such software streamlines key operations, helps achieve targeted results, and cut operational expenses.

Insurance and Healthcare Finance Management

Healthcare opts for high-performance insurance finance and billing systems. We are ready to provide healthcare and insurance suppliers, agencies, and affiliate partners with quotes and commission management systems, underwriting solutions, claims management systems, and payment processing software.

We build the most in-demand financial software:

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