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Custom Software for Banking and Finance Industry

Today, FinTech providers need fresh and optimal custom software solutions to function without downtime, win their customers’ trust, and outstand in this competitive sphere. Such solutions are aimed at improving services, reducing costs, and addressing security risks (when it comes to confidential data protection). Custom software is able to streamline financial/banking institutions’ processes and to let them relish all the possible perks to the full.

Custom Software for Banking and Finance Industry
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Solutions for Banking and Finance

Our developers are willing to deliver a wide range of custom banking software and finance solutions to fulfil your burning needs:

Enterprise Applications Web and mobile applications

Solutions for managing users’ banking accounts, supply chain custom finance software, trading applications, and more.

Agile Development CRM software

Customer Relationship Management solutions to improve communication with clients within a single system.

Agile Development Tax payment solutions

Tax forms automation and optimization (tax returns, refunds tracking, tax calculation, reporting, etc.).

Agile Development Transaction processing solutions

Teller transactions and banking procedures automation; trade processing systems.

Agile Development Predictive analytics systems

Development of systems for financial/online banking/market dynamics analysis.

Web Applications Payment platforms

Creation of online payment platforms, solutions for payment cards.

Software Solutions Credit, lending and mortgage solutions

Development and design of mortgage, loan origination and processing applications, money transfer systems.

Financial document management solutions Financial document management solutions

Applications and systems for financial and banking documentation optimization.

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Finance and Banking Software Portfolio

P2P Lending Solution: Signia Money

P2P Lending Solution: Signia Money

Signia Money is an online platform offering peer-to-peer lending services and allowing lenders and borrowers to arrange deals with no intermediaries.

The application is compatible with all the Internet browsers and gives a possibility to easily navigate through the website.

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