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Dedicated Software Development Team

No matter what industry you work in, optimizing and scaling your business delivery is no longer burdensome with EffectiveSoft. At our company, we assemble dedicated software teams of experienced engineers and managers to help you deliver end-to-end solutions efficiently and reliably while saving you time and money.

We offer various services to help our partners easily and quickly ramp up their in-house teams and jump-start projects. You can focus on the key aspects of your business and achieve the best outcomes while we use our expertise to work for your success.

dedicated development team

Reasons to hire dedicated software developers

Dedicated software development is the best choice if at least one of the following statements describes your situation.

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Dedicated Software Developers

9 key benefits of hiring a dedicated development team

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Our dedicated teams

  • Business analysts

    Before starting any project, you must understand the issues, goals, and target audience of the business that you are working in. The quality of a product depends directly on how deeply you understand the needs and problems of the end users. This is what business analysts (BAs) specialize in.

    EffectiveSoft’s BAs will uncover business weaknesses and strengths to gather requirements and align them with your software solution. Our BA experts will define the scope of the project clearly, assess its feasibility, develop a plan, create a comprehensible specification, help you reduce extra expenses, and lead you to a successful product delivery.

    Hire Dedicated Business Analysts
  • For a mechanism to work smoothly, you need a person who will pull the lever and coordinate the work of all of the links. In software development, this role is fulfilled by a project manager (PM). These specialists are responsible for organizing the team's work, motivating them to achieve a common goal, planning, managing resources, distributing tasks, meeting deadlines, and delivering first-rate products.

    With the wealth of knowledge they have gained from previous ventures, our PMs are the glue that holds all the pieces together. By outsourcing the EffectiveSoft PMs, you can be sure that your project is completed on time and within budget and complies with all quality standards.

    dedicated project manager
  • It doesn't matter how feature-rich an app is if it is not user-friendly and engaging. In software development, design is not only about the visual component of the product but also about the logic of the solution.

    At EffectiveSoft, we have built a strong team of designers who specialize in producing interfaces of any complexity for any industry. Our UI/UX experts follow the latest trends and apply innovative as well as proven approaches to create the most effective, convenient, and intuitive digital products.

    dedicated designers
  • At a time when a huge amount of data is generated, there is an extreme need for experts who can optimize, manage, store, and capitalize data. To help our clients transform that data into useful business knowledge, we have put together data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, and BI developers.

    All of our data analytics professionals are well-versed in the latest technologies to lead your business towards a data-driven culture by providing you with a comprehensive end-to-end data engineering solution. By turning to our experts for data management, you can leverage their expertise to unlock the full value-creating potential of your data.

    data analytics team
  • Web developers

    For every firm, regardless of industry, having a website is a must. Moreover, a web solution must be creative, engaging, and catchy to stand out amongst those of competitors. For this reason, companies often outsource web development.

    Whether you want to create a simple website or a sophisticated web app, EffectiveSoft’s web developers can cope with any project. Our dedicated application development team applies cutting-edge practices and technologies to create high-quality web and cloud software that is a perfect fit for your needs.

    dedicated web development team
  • Mobile app developers

    Firms across the business spectrum have rolled out mobile apps, from media companies that use custom mobile apps for sharing news and interacting with their readers to retail chains that create mobile apps for loyalty programs.

    Using a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, our top-notch mobile app developers build high-quality, unique, and mobile-friendly websites, as well as cross-platform (Android andiOS) mobile apps for any industry. By delegating mobile app development to EffectiveSoft’s engineers, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience across all modern platforms and devices.

    dedicated app development team
  • Desktop app developers

    From managing businesses to writing books, desktop apps play an important role in our work and private lives. They are widely used to perform complex operations. Independence from bandwidth quality and greater security than web applications are the advantages that make desktop applications still relevant.

    You can leverage our engineers’ skills to solve your business challenges via desktop apps for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Our talented dedicated software developers are eager to create a feature-rich, safe, fast, and responsive cross-platform solution for you. Whether you need to develop an app from scratch or modernize an existing one, our experts are at your disposal.

    Hire the best Desktop Applications developers
  • QA engineers

    Creating a quality product is the highest value of any business. For this reason, the quality assurance (QA) stage must be an integral part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). And the sooner in the SDLC you engage testers, the more reliable the final product will be.

    Hiring our QA engineers is the first step to a valuable solution. Our QA team performs thorough testing to check all the details of your software. The EffectiveSoft testers are at your service to help you deliver a scalable and robust product and increase operational performance.

    dedicated quality assurance teams
  • Launching projects quickly is essential. DevOps engineers can speed up, facilitate, and improve the work on a project, make processes more effective, create a comfortable environment for all specialists, and increase customer and employee satisfaction. When you hire our DevOps team, you take a step towards achieving a more agile and seamless experience. Our DevOps specialists have extensive knowledge of programming languages, computer networks, operating systems, and related technologies to help you significantly accelerate development, reduce its cost, and optimize all processes, from design to support.
    DevOps teams
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data analytics team
dedicated web development team
dedicated app development team
Hire the best Desktop Applications developers
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DevOps teams

Our processes

The process of hiring a dedicated team

How we work

F.A.Q. about dedicated development teams

  • The dedicated software team model is a software development business model in which a client hires a whole agile software development team that has been assembled to work on a particular project.

  • This approach, although valuable in many circumstances, is not a silver bullet. The efficiency of a dedicated team is lower when you are dealing with a short-term project with clear requirements. This can be explained by the fact that some benefits that a dedicated team can offer, such as loyalty, determination, and tight communication, do not show up right away. In such cases, it is better to pick another outsourcing model.

  • There are three common relationship-based outsourcing models: staff augmentation, a dedicated team, and project outsourcing. Each has its pros, cons, and use cases. To choose the right model, consider your project, tech stack, deadlines, business requirements, and the workload of your in-house team. If you need advice, don’t hesitate to contact our experts, who will help you decide on the best fit.

  • When you outsource dedicated software development teams, you usually pay for the number of hours worked according to the specific hourly rate of each member. You don’t have to pay for office rent, equipment, vacation, taxes, electric bills, and so on. The total cost of a dedicated team is determined by the team size, tech stack, deadlines and project duration, experience level of the employees, etc.

  • We are a full-service company with hands-on experience in software development. With over two decades of involvement in IT outsourcing, we have built a large pool of expertise that we apply to deliver cutting-edge custom solutions across industries. If you choose us, you can be sure of the quality and safety of your software. Our engineers pay maximum attention to the compliance with all regulations and standards using the latest technologies.

    Time and again, EffectiveSoft has appeared on lists of the top development companies across the globe. Trust, confidence, and people are always at the heart of our activity. Real reviews from our partners will tell you more about us.


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