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EffectiveSoft provides a full suite of IT consulting services for businesses in various verticals, including healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing. Our expert guidance through strategic, architectural, operational, and implementation planning empowers our clients to precisely align their technological initiatives with their business priorities, boosting organization-wide efficiency and overall profitability.

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We provide a wide range of IT consulting services

  • Is your current IT strategy not aligned with your core mission? We know how to help. Through our IT strategic advisory services, we help companies shape their unique IT propositions, advise on the most suitable technologies to drive efficiency, innovation, and cost-effectiveness, and create a clear-cut roadmap to propel success. With a well-defined IT strategy, businesses can enjoy improved productivity, optimized costs, and reinforced security and compliance, keeping pace with the digital transformation era.

  • If your business lacks a strong and scalable IT infrastructure, EffectiveSoft is willing to assist. Our IT consultants can plan and design a resilient and sustainable IT environment, including all underlying components, such as hardware, software, databases, and networks. Our guidance results in the creation of a powerful IT infrastructure with a well-structured architecture, accelerating existing workflows, streamlining business operations, and enhancing operational efficiency across the organization.

  • An improperly implemented solution can lead to dire business consequences and substantial monetary losses. Our accomplished IT consultants assist companies with planning, building, and implementing innovative technology-driven solutions, as well as optimizing existing IT systems for better performance. Capitalizing on our IT implementation consulting services, businesses can incorporate new systems faster and with greater cost-effectiveness, boost the performance of existing solutions, and mitigate all implementation risks.

  • EffectiveSoft’s IT consulting experts help small to large companies select, design, implement, and maintain enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. These solutions enable businesses to manage all company operations from a centralized platform, establish the necessary integrations, and ensure strong connections and visibility between systems. This leads to well-established processes, improved strategic planning, and increased productivity.

  • Are you tired of regular system conflicts and functional roadblocks that affect overall productivity? We help organizations synergize, coordinate, and integrate their existing IT solutions, hardware components, software applications, and third-party services into a holistically functioning IT ecosystem. Leveraging our system integration consulting services, companies build highly efficient IT systems that easily exchange data, accelerate workflows and productivity, and greatly reduce operational expenses.

  • Harnessing increasing amounts of data on a regular basis is extremely challenging. Through our data analytics consulting services, enterprises receive expert advice on powerful business intelligence (BI) tools, versatile techniques, and best practices that facilitate data collection, processing, analysis, and visualization. As a result, businesses gain deep and accurate insights into current market trends, patterns, and customer behavior, guiding far-reaching business decisions and maximizing desired outcomes.

  • In a world where cyberthreats evolve dramatically, security is a grave concern. To ensure each component of your IT environment can adequately safeguard confidential data, we assess your IT infrastructure for defense capabilities, develop security strategies, detect and mitigate various vulnerabilities, and more. Our IT security consulting services empower businesses to strengthen their defenses against potential risks, enhancing regulatory compliance and minimizing related expenses.

  • Are you looking to squeeze the maximum value out of your software and related processes? Our professionals can help achieve this goal. Through our software management consulting services, we audit and assess the current state of your systems, identify flaws in software architecture, implement strategic planning for software modernization, and provide guidance through the entire development life cycle. This ensures a company’s systems achieve consistent and seamless performance, optimizing operations and increasing the bottom line.

  • Cloud consulting is a proven way to avoid any risks associated with cloud adoption and mismanagement. We help organizations select the best cloud service provider in line with their business demands, migrate their existing IT systems to cloud infrastructure, and configure the new environment accordingly. We also support our clients in optimizing their existing cloud settings for robust performance. This allows businesses to benefit from improved scalability, greater flexibility, advanced security, and reduced costs.

“Our professionals uphold core principles of IT consulting, such as client-centricity, transparency, and quality assurance. This approach helps businesses modernize and optimize their IT environments through technology, giving them an upper hand over the competition.”

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Oleg Yanovich

Technology Director

Next-gen technologies we implement

What about you?

We are thrilled to delve deeper into your IT consulting needs and gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific requirements. By understanding your challenges and goals, we can tailor our consulting services to maximize the potential of your IT infrastructure and help you achieve your business objectives efficiently and effectively.

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    We undertake a multifaceted IT consulting process

    1. Requirement collection and analysis

      The initial step in our IT consulting process involves identifying and analyzing our clients’ business requirements, pain points, and objectives. We collect and assess information about existing business operations, IT environment, and tech processes, pinpointing areas that can be technologically enhanced for improved efficiency.

    2. Strategy and solution development

      We translate the obtained information into far-reaching IT strategies aimed at maximizing business outcomes. We then formulate the most appropriate solution and include it in an actionable roadmap, establishing the desired milestones, key performance indicators (KPIs), and deliverables.

    3. Solution implementation

      Now, you are one step away from idea to implementation. Based on our clients’ specific challenges, we offer tailored guidance on a wide range of issues, including hardware and software configurations, system updates, data migration, employee upskilling, and more. When eliciting the right solution, we ensure it provides a smooth process and maintains the continuity of business operations.

    Why choose EffectiveSoft?

    Our extensive technology expertise

    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • PostgreSQL
    • Azure SQL Database
    • Cassandra
    • Hive
    • Apache HBase
    • NiFi

    They say it best

    EffectiveSoft began with an idea focused on quality. We take action and keep your business’ best interests at heart. We believe in true partnerships with our clients and that’s why they believe us.

    F.A.Q. about IT consulting services

    • IT consulting is the provision of advisory services to refine IT systems, infrastructure, and processes and evaluate current technology strategies, all while guaranteeing alignment with specific business needs. Companies seek IT consulting services if they require support in optimizing their existing IT environments.

    • Apart from boosting overall productivity within the organization, IT consulting allows businesses to allocate their resources properly, avoid costly mistakes, and ultimately yield more revenue. IT consulting also future-proofs a company’s digital systems in the face of rapid technology advancements, constant market changes, and ever-increasing customer demands.

    • IT consulting emerges as a real game-changer in how organizations plan and undergo their digital transformation journey. Partnering with a trusted IT consulting company, such as EffectiveSoft, streamlines the digital transformation process across all business levels, fostering a culture of change and widespread adoption of next-gen technologies.

    • Using IT consulting services is a forward-thinking decision in scenarios when a company needs to improve IT processes with expert recommendations and valuable insights into the latest industry and technology trends. These services help identify existing issues and highlight critical areas for improvement, implement effective cybersecurity plans to mitigate potential risks, drive significant cost savings, and more.

    • If you are searching for an experienced and dedicated IT consulting company, look no further than EffectiveSoft. With a proven track record of over 1,835 projects across different domains, we are fully prepared to support you on your challenge-to-opportunity transformation journey. Our in-depth technical expertise, strong business acumen, and a customer-centric approach to each client have set us apart and earned the trust of global companies. What once seemed far-fetched becomes tangible with us.

    • EffectiveSoft’s IT consultants have helped hundreds of cross-industry businesses worldwide achieve their business goals with the aid of technology. We have experience in healthcare and medical services, fintech, financial services, manufacturing, retail and e-commerce, logistics, and many other sectors.


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