Byggnet Document Management System

A digital information system which ensures accountability and control over all the documentation related to a construction project, including digital files and printed drawings.

Customer & Challenge

Our customer is Arkitektkopia AB, a Swedish printing and publishing company. The company also offers a collaboration platform for clients operating in the construction and real-estate industries in Sweden and beyond.

Arkitektkopia was satisfied with the online print-ordering system previously developed by a team at EffectiveSoft and turned to us again to develop a document management system. The main requirement was to create a stable, scalable and user-friendly product which simplifies the work of everyone involved in the construction process.


As a result of the meticulous analysis it was decided to develop a digital information system from scratch. After a while, the Byggnet system consisting of various modules and applications was developed. It ensures that everyone involved in the construction project has access to accurate and updated documentation.

The Byggnet system is complemented by a user-friendly app for iPads so that the employees on a construction site can find all the information they need.

The users can also order printing and delivery of drawings and documents right from their accounts in a few clicks.

Byggnet Access is the foundational module of the system with storage and distribution functions. It is  a single-page web application with a rich user interface that brings together all the information about the project in one place.

Byggnet Secure is a separate desktop application to control how the printed documentation is distributed. Every hard-copy of the document has a barcode, which is scanned when the document is loaned from the repository or given back, tracking where is the document and who is currently using it.

For quick version control of a printed document or drawing our engineers developed Byggnet Verify (available for iOS and Android). Thanks to this mobile application development the project members can quickly verify if they are working with the latest version of a printed document or drawing and send a report if an inconsistency is found.

Not to miss out on any updates of the project documentation, users can utilize Byggnet Subscribe. It is one of the Byggnet modules which allows receiving new project documents or their updated versions automatically (either delivered print-outs or links to the updated project documentation).


  • Real-time collaboration on documents increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the work done.
  • The history of all the operations helps to track the contribution of every project member.
  • Access rights management offers a variety of roles on a project (Administrator, Member, Viewer plus several construction-specific access rights for groups like Architecture, CAD coordination, etc.)
  • Custom groups can be created to configure access rights to every folder even better.
  • The system supports viewing of all drawing formats online, including 3D.
  • The project documentation (both text files and graphics, including document versioning history) is well-structured and easy to find.
  • Mail notifications on the project help to track all the changes.
  • Byggnet allows managing projects in parallel.
  • Ongoing or completed project documents can be archived and then restored again if the building needs to be modified.
  • The solution is localized into 8 languages.

Technologies and tools

.NET Framework 4.7.2, .NET Standard 2.0, ASP.NET, WCF, LINQ, MVC, AJAX, NUGET, Script#, Sencha ExtJS, DevExpress, NUnit, Selenium, TeamCity, WPF, ADO.NET, LINQTOSQL, JSON, MS SQL Server 2012, Android SDK 4.0+, Android Studio, ZXing, Apache HTTP Components, iOS SDK 9.2, Xcode 11.1, AFNetworking, KSCrash.

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