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HTML5 Application Development

We apply advanced methodologies and the latest tools to deliver outstanding HTML5 application development services. With our agile team, you get sustainable, scalable, feature-rich solutions that are accessible from any browser, any desktop, or any mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

HTML5 development

Our HTML5 app development services

  • Our expert HTML5 development team can take on any size of web app project. Using HTML5 in combination with JavaScript, PHP, .Net, and other languages and technologies, our engineers can create efficient web tools for business development purposes.
    HTML5 web development
  • Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, our experienced developers are ready to restructure code from legacy platforms and provide secure and fast migration and integration services.
    HTML5 migration
  • The engineers at EffectiveSoft deliver powerful, flexible, and robust HTML5-based solutions for different mobile devices using the latest cross-platform frameworks and languages.
    HTML5 mobile app development
  • The engineers in our HTML5 application development company can develop apps that are accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their device, ensuring compatibility of all key features across platforms.
    HTML5 cross-platform app development
  • We leverage our award-winning capabilities in agile HTML5 software development to create bespoke websites that are compatible with multiple browsers, combining cutting-edge technologies.
    HTML5 website development
  • Focusing on our clients’ success, we extend the possibilities of their web solutions, providing the best possible user experience and improving the system’s performance, reliability, manageability, and security.
    HTML5 web design
  • We have all the resources and tools needed to provide our clients with flawless games for browsers, desktops, and native mobile devices. Our dedicated engineers develop game solutions that are tailored to grab the attention of players.
    HTML5 game development
HTML5 web development
HTML5 migration
HTML5 mobile app development
HTML5 cross-platform app development
HTML5 website development
HTML5 web design
HTML5 game development

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F.A.Q. about HTML5 development

  • HTML is a core markup language created in 1993 for web browsers to interpret and compose text, images, and other materials. Since then, HTML has progressed significantly, through to the latest version, HTML5, in 2014.

    HTML5 is more dynamic than the older versions and supports geolocation and multimedia elements such as audio, video, vector graphics, animations, and games.

  • The key benefits of HTML5 include accessibility, mobile compatibility, improved performance, consistency, offline cache, integrated audio and video playback without the need to install plugins, geo-location support, and more.

  • To know the cost of your project, drop us a line. Our experts will ask you some questions related to the software you want to develop to have a better understanding of your idea and provide you with accurate information about the development cost.

  • The overall time of development varies widely, depending on the complexity of the software required, the size of the team, and other factors. If you would like to get a rough estimate, get in touch with our specialists.


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