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Communication portal for healthcare employees

A content management system for clinical and administrative staff in hospitals to securely access, share, and submit information.

Communication portal for healthcare employees


    The healthcare software company needed help in developing an intranet for hospitals. The project had already been started by another team, but the portal’s look and performance required major improvements. The customer turned to EffectiveSoft to revise the overall portal’s design, update the existing modules, and develop additional ones.


    The communication portal is a web-based medical CRM system for corporate policies and documentation management. It covers all aspects of collaboration  between administrative staff and physicians:

    • staff trainings are easy to organize and carry out
    • surveys can be created and conducted among all the employees or some groups to collect feedback
    • communication space helps people exchange ideas and keep them engaged and informed about corporate events
    • multiple online forms and applications can help eliminate process bottlenecks and enhance  workplace productivity
    • the employees can share and watch documents, images and videos within the portal

    During the adoption period our engineers made code review, fixed flaws and errors, and implemented changes in accordance with the information gathered by the customer’s support team.


    • Simple and secure information management

    The Meeting Pocket module allows different users to simultaneously work on the documents and edit them in a secured environment within the private network.

    • Online forms and workflows

    Multiple forms, such as supply requisition, meeting room requests, feedback, application submission, surveys, etc. can be submitted online and automatically stored in a secure searchable database.

    • Social features

    The portal provides tools that facilitate communication within the hospital: chats, news feeds, blogs, user profiles, and user comments.

    • Calendar of events

    A number of group-specific calendars for departments, committees, etc. allow creating events with color coding and recurring events. Information about meetings, exhibitions, outings, etc. can be shared in the Events section.

    • Training

    When organizing trainings, a manager can register a class, book a room for a training session, set the maximum number of trainees, choose a date and venue, set times, assign a trainer, and track attendance and progress.

    Trainers can publish a variety of training materials from text files  to videos.

    • Role-based access

    Individual users access the Healthcare Portal based on security roles assigned by the admin.

    Technologies and tools

    Telerik, MS SQl Server 2010, Visual Studio 2010,  CuteSoft, Lucene Spellchecker API, ActiveReport 6.0, RAD PDF

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