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Customer Testimonials

"We want to say big and fat thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work, long hours, stressful moments, patience, creativity, diligence and awesomeness! Because of you, CNote was able to create this innovative financial product and change the way money gets distributed and invested. You are a critical part of our team!"

Yuliya Tarasava

Yuliya Tarasava, Co-Founder, COO

"We were searching the world for a text summariser, and were delighted to discover the Intellexer API from EffectiveSoft. After discussing our requirements with their team, it was evident that their solutions would not just meet our requirements but would also do more things than we had originally envisaged. It is also of great and ongoing benefit that they continue to develop their products so that we can offer new things to our customers. I thoroughly recommend EffectiveSoft to others. They are a really responsive team to work with."

Matthew Richardson

Matthew Richardson, Founder/ Director
Shaping Tomorrow

"EffectiveSoft helped us develop a cutting-edge cognitive multi-agent knowledge-based platform that advanced the field of artificial intelligence and which is currently being used as both a laboratory for theoretical experimentation and a decision support system for developing, analyzing, and planning policies that address local- and regional-level challenges. We found the EffectiveSoft team to be friendly and capable, and look forward to working with them in the future."

Garry Sotnik

Dr.Garry Sotnik,
Adjunct Faculty
Portland State University

"Even for first-time project managers, EffectiveSoft is extremely customer-friendly. The team identified obstacles and provided solutions before they occurred to me. Not only do they program well, they provide critical thinking and introspection that I didn't find anywhere else during the bidding process. After a few months working together, my website and app are finished, and I'm very happy with the results. I will definitely be working with them in the future."

mark vaughan

Mark Vaughan, President
The Social Catholic

"During our cooperation with EffectiveSoft I've found the company as a reliable outsourcing partner. I'm very pleased with the professionalism and client-oriented approach. I would also like to admit a very scalable team of developers I was happy to work with. It was a positive development experience."


Harutyun Melikyan, Managing Director

"We have been cooperating with EffectiveSoft since November 2012 and are pleased to have such a dependable business partner. They assisted us in the development of the client part of our new product, which is a software-defined storage solution for backup and archiving large volumes of data in the cloud. The final application enables IT-as-a-Service providers to deliver reliable cloud-based back-up solutions using much less costly storage infrastructure.

EffectiveSoft team showed themselves to be competent developers with a profound and clear insight into the business processes and the application domain. They developed an intuitive front-end user interface that facilitates managing storage environments, deployment and scaling, and minimizes human and financial resources expenditure. Our productive cooperation resulted in further engagement of EffectiveSoft in the development for our company - at the moment they are working on a similar Acronis solution."


Alexey Andreev Director of Cloud Services Development Acronis, Russian Federation www.acronis.com

"Since our first engagement a year ago, I have been impressed not only by the quality of work that EffectiveSoft have done for City Index but also their attention to detail and reliability on delivery dates..."


Sity Index

Arthur Grimley Executive Director & Group CIO City Index Group, UK www.cityindex.com

"I highly recommend EffectiveSoft to anyone looking to develop a complex data project. Besides being experts in big data, their team is extremely creative, hard-working and will go the "extra mile" to meet a customer's software development needs. They are always accessible and you'll find that their customer service is second to none. It was a real pleasure working with a company so committed to making sure their client's needs are met. Our company will use EffectiveSoft whenever we have similar software development projects in the future."

Sity Index

K. Lane, Co-Founder,
Inspired School Solutions.

"EffectiveSoft helped BullionRock to bridge a huge gap in our systems. Having committed to, at one end, off-the-shelf back-office accounting software and, at the other, a client-facing secure web portal, we needed an order management system middle office application to tie the two together. After months of patient and understanding dialogue, whilst we (non-technical financial types) grappled with exactly what we wanted, EffectiveSoft were quick to deliver the project - which exceeded our expectations and was completed well within budget. We are as grateful to the team, who continue to support and develop the system to our changing requirements, now as we were in 2012."

Robin Newbould Managing Director

"Our long-term cooperation with EffectiveSoft dates back to 2008. Since then we've been working on a number of complex lasting projects, and practically all the time EffectiveSoft was able to satisfy our immediate needs in resources and to meet our high demands for project results. We haven't finished our current projects yet, but I am already looking forward to broaden our common horizons."


Paul Mervin Managing Director Cognite Ltd. (UK)

"The feedback from our customers on the usability of our web-based service is very good and we are now planning to create more of our digital services over the next years with EffectiveSoft..."



Sven Bjorkman
CIO / IT-Manager
Arkitektkopia AB, Sweden www.arkitektkopia.se

"Over the past two years, EffectiveSoft has brought mileBlaster from a concept to an award-winning product which is getting rave reviews…"



Jack Costello CEO CTM Holdings LLC Cambridge, MA www.mileblaster.com

"After a lengthy selection process we chose EffectiveSoft in 2007 as our partner to write our enterprise cloud computing automation application per our specifications. The knowledge, expertise and diligence of our team within EffectiveSoft have been one of our biggest assets. Whether it be planning, coding, maintenance or support our EffectiveSoft team is a true extension of our own engineering team. The feedback and suggestions we got through our daily contact helped us quickly and efficiently react to changing requirements from the market. 4 years and 3 software generations later, our award-winning software is still evolving and keeps us ahead of the competition. We have no intention of looking elsewhere. EffectiveSoft is our trusted partner."

InContinuum Software B.V.

Phillip Hyde
InContinuum Software B.V. The Netherlands

"I have been using EffectiveSoft for over 5 years now and together we have delivered many projects for different customers using various technologies. EffectiveSoft has been an outstanding partner to work with. Their projects are always well managed and nothing is ever too much trouble even if requirements change! Their software developers are the best I have worked with and deliver not just on time and to budget but also to a very high quality standard. The fact that the time difference to Belarus is only 1-2 hours has also allowed our Agile projects to be very responsive to our customers needs. I highly recommend Maryia and the team at EffectiveSoft."

Absolute IT

Ian Davidson Director of Absolute IT Services Absolute IT, UK

"It is a pleasure to work with EffectiveSoft. They are competent, professional, consistently meet deadlines and respond quickly to changing project deliverables. I highly recommend this organization."


David Young
VP, Technology
Mapfusion Inc., Canada

"I just want to say thank you to your customer service staff, and engineers for creating exactly what I was seeking in regards to applying my forex trading strategy to an automated process. The responses to my questions were quick and adequate, and I also appreciate the input from your engineer regarding more effective functionalities. I get a full night sleep now with my new automated trading strategy, and I very much look forward to working with EffectiveSoft in the near future to facilitate my business needs."

elvis turnage

Elvis Turnage Individual Trader, USA

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank the entire EffectiveSoft team for the amazing job that they do. Over the years, UrbanRide has utilized various configurations of in-house and outsourced development. Since working with EffectiveSoft, our entire development process has been transformed. UrbanRide now has the most innovative technology in the ground transportation industry. Importantly, our partnership with EffectiveSoft enables UrbanRide to develop leading edge technology without breaking the bank."


Jeremy Milikow
Chief Executive Officer
UrbanRide, Inc. www.urbanride.net

"We have been partnering with EffectiveSoft since 2006, so we've had time to become familiar with their professionalism and the quality of service they provide. Of particular note, I would highlight the great responsibility which my offshore development team assumes when solving critical tasks: I am always confident of the thoroughness of the research and the design of the solution. With their help, we are able to do releases every quarter without resorting to individual heroics or burning everyone out. That allows me to focus my attention less on day-to-day release activities and more on other critical company responsibilities."


Tom Golden TruCode, USA www.trucode.com

"Working with EffectiveSoft has been a very pleasant experience for us. Unlike some other offshoring experiences we've had, they have shown both technical competence and also a real understanding of our product. With that understanding, they have been able to actively help out, not only in developing code, but also giving feedback on how the product could work and where problems could arise - something that is very rare in the world of offshore application development."

Estate Europe AB

Alexander Grepe
Estate Europe AB, Sweden

"With the corporate initiative to develop and implement a Dashboard that brings a consolidated view of an organization's knowledge sources to the end user & provides immediate access to key business information, we had to go through a challenging & sophisticated development process empowered by the latest technologies and a very strong development team. We have engaged EffectiveSoft personnel to work closely with our team on parts of this development. For the last years, they have been extremely productive and most importantly did integrate very well with our environment."

Consolidated Contractors

Aref Boualwan
Manager Development & Business Process ReEngineering
Consolidated Contractors Int. Company (Athens, Greece)

"Thanks for everything you did for us. It was a good experience to work with your team. Eugene and Dmitry have been excellent guys, very responsive and knowledgeable. Together we have achieved a major milestone for Rescompany."

Rescompany Logo

Josef Ganitzer
Director SMS

"We outsourced our development to EffectiveSoft 3 years ago and very quickly forged an excellent working relationship, initially with our client manager Maryia Marozava, our project manager Aleh Yanovich and subsequently the rest of the team. Effectivesoft have proved themselves to be dedicated to the project and have a 'Can Do'  attitude and will do what it takes to get a job done and it is a pleasure working with the team.

The team very quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and have contributed to ideas which has helped move our development forward at a faster pace. Our relationship is now a long term one. After three years we fully expect to work with ES for many years to come, helping us bring world class software to market."


Graham Partridge
Research & Development Director
Soutron Limited www.soutron.com

"All in total, thanks! Great work. If you need us to recommend you, I'm more than happy to do so! We're more than pleased with your work :-)"

Egetrade Logo

Samuli Siltanen
Siltanet Ltd., Finland www.siltanet.fi

"Being our partner for more than three years, EffectiveSoft proved to be a reliable, responsible and cooperative team."

Egetrade Logo

Andrey Kan
Senior Software Engineer

"We have selected EffectiveSoft for the development of the E-Credit payment system targeted at a group of banks in Israel. The project was enough sophisticated as it required different skills. The EffectiveSoft team was able to meet our requirements and make the project a real success. We didn't have any problems in communication, which is a very important factor when selecting an outsourcing vendor."


Alexander Berezovsky
Development manager
Shiram LTD, Tel Aviv, Israel

"Me personally and on behalf of my company I wish to express special thanks to the EffectiveSoft development team! The service has been outstanding and the result is perfect. They have far exceeded my expectations and I will always have no hesitation in recommending this company."

Branca micrographics

Lyle Thomas
Business Development
Branca Micrographics www.branca.com.au

"When we decided that our corporate website required updating, our choice was the developers team of EffectiveSoft Ltd. We were attracted by the high efficiency-to-price ratio they provide. We were not mistaken in our choice: the professionalism and efficiency of communication with the development team, and the high quality of their maintenance and support services completely satisfied us. EffectiveSoft developers assisted us in the redesign, programming and maintenance of our website, with a quality and efficiency that we believe will some day become the standard in the software industry."


Roger Hellqvist
President and CEO
Atolina AB, Sweden www.atolina.se

"Our Company considers EffectiveSoft as a very reliable outsourcing development team. We are completely satisfied with the service provided by EffectiveSoft developers. The functionality and performance of the developed software enable us to achieve our business goals."


Jori A Outchaev
Scandinavien Kyl & Frys AB

"EffectiveSoft developers have been providing custom DotNetNuke software development for FlatBurger, and we are in the process of starting more projects with them. I have been very impressed with their DotNetNuke expertise and their ability to master DNN concepts and development. I have worked with other companies in India and China on DotNetNuke projects, with little success. EffectiveSoft has been most impressive and we are very satisfied with our relationship with them. I would strongly recommend EffectiveSoft for DotNetNuke and .NET development."


Bill Guerin
Principal Software Engineer
FlatBurger, Inc.

"Being our partner for more than 3 years, EffectiveSoft proved to be a reliable, responsible and cooperative team. As a specialist, I am especially impressed by a well-tuned development process and proven business methodology in the company, which makes it possible to achieve the best results at the earliest possible date."


Sergey V. Isakov
Creator of "Kasatka" CEO of "Management Research Center" of "Business Process"
Consulting Group, Moscow, Russia

"I am very happy with the new DLL. I would like to thank you and the developer who made this all happen. I am going to recommend your company to anyone who asks me about custom programming."


Craig Bristol
Senior Systems Analyst
Blue Cross Blue Shield

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