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Drug development is a very complex and highly regulated process. Preparing for FDA approval also costs a lot of money. That is why it is important to automate all the processes to take a shortcut from an idea to the solution. EffectiveSoft is the right partner for medical biotech software development which helps companies in decision-making and saving time and resources while producing cost-effective medication.

Medical biotechnology application development

Biotechnology software development trends

Custom medical biotechnology software

Preclinical and clinical software development – we offer full-cycle biotechnology software development services to facilitate the drug development process and get FDA approval. We provide custom software to fulfill the following tasks.

Biotech project management

Project management

The biotech industry employs distributed teams to carry out research and development. Keeping this in mind, we build custom project management systems that streamline and increase collaboration, automate workflow, and facilitate faster time to market of biotechnology products.

Biotech document management

Document management

Document management (DM) systems allow biotech companies to increase productivity by decreasing cycle times, providing real-time access to data, and enabling compliance. DM systems also ensure integration with a knowledge base to give rapid access to scientific and legal/compliance reference data.

Patient management systems

Patient management

We develop custom HIPAA compliant patient management systems and integrate them with other medical and biotech software, including EHR/EMR, laboratory management apps, radiology information systems, remote monitoring, and more. We offer the development of custom software for patient engagement, enrollment, logistics, diagnostics, and decision-making systems.

Laboratory management software

Laboratory management

We build custom laboratory management systems that assist in lab automation, streamline lab workflow, and improve effectiveness by integrating with 3rd-party and in-lab solutions. We provide biotech labs with laboratory information management systems (LIMS), scientific data management systems (SDMS), electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) systems, and sample management software.

Scientific data management system

Scientific data management

A SDM serves scientific labs as a centralized document management system. We develop SDM systems that fulfill such complex laboratory tasks as capturing, analyzing, cataloging, organizing, and storing unstructured heterogeneous data generated by laboratory tools and software.

Clinical trials management

Clinical trials management

In order to manage clinical trials, biotechnology providers need custom HIPAA compliant clinical trials management software. Such systems monitor clinical sites, manage protocols, track deadlines, control participants via interactive voice or web response systems (IVRS and IWRS), and provide timely reporting.

Bioinformatics software


Bioinformatics software allows extracting meaningful data out of unstructured masses of molecular biology databases in order to perform sequence and structural analysis. We develop custom bioinformatics tools as well as integrate them with other solutions, including hospital EHR systems and clinical trials software.

DNA analysis

DNA analysis

We offer cutting-edge DNA analysis software development services to empower biotech companies with the necessary tools to turn genomic information and DNA sequencing data into biological insights. Such systems are accessible to all the researchers involved, are integrated with a wide range of lab applications, provide comprehensive reports, support collaboration and sharing of the results.

Clinical analytics software

Clinical analytics

Clinical analytics software utilizes real-time medical data from various sources to generate insights. Such systems aid in making informed decisions, cutting costs, and raising revenue. By providing flexible analytics, clinical analytics software facilitates research.

Biotech software validation

Software systems validation

We not only develop custom biotech software but also make sure that it works as intended, fulfills its purpose effectively, and satisfies all the requirements and specifications (including HIPAA).

Clinical workflow management

Clinical workflow

Clinical workflow software improves collaboration, boosts effectiveness, enhances patient satisfaction, and helps all parties involved to provide faster and more accurate services.

Simulation software


Our advanced bioprocess modeling and simulation software helps to automate and speed up complex processes in such areas as drug discovery and manufacturing, pharma-cogenomics, genetic testing, and screening.

Full-cycle biotech software development process

The life cycle of medical biotechnology software development leading to FDA approval.

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