Where Is It for Android

'Where Is It' is an Android application which helps you remember where you put any of your things. The solution was developed by EffectiveSoft.

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Project Background

It often happens that one puts a thing away, because it is not needed to be close at hand, and later one spends a whole lot of time rushing about in search of the thing but can't remember where it is. EffectiveSoft has developed a solution allowing to find anything quickly and easily. 'Where Is It' is an Android application allowing to note down the spots where things are put, indicate spots and things with their photos, find the necessary item using the walkthrough search, etc.

Solution highlights

With the help of 'Where Is It' you will be able to find any of your things fast and easily.

User Benefits

Project Utilizes

Business model

Non-commercial project

Development model


Project workload

About 120 man-hours


1 Project manager, 1 designer, 1 mobile developer


Design sketches, requirements specification

Lines of code

5 000



Technologies & Tools

Eclipse 4.2 Android SDK, SQLite, Photoshop



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