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AlgoM DICOM viewer

Software solution for analyzing, transmitting, and viewing medical imaging data in the DICOM format.

AlgoM DICOM Viewer

    Client and challenge

    A medium-sized medtech company developed AlgoM DICOM* Viewer’s minimum viable product. The software allowed radiologists and physicians to view and manipulate medical images (such as radiographs or MRI scans) on a PC or laptop irrespective of their geographic location.

    The client was looking for a team to develop a fully-fledged product that is scalable, customizable, and compatible with PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and RIS (Radiology Information System). Our team of engineers excellently completed the pilot task and EffectiveSoft was chosen as a service provider.

    *DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a standard format that enables medical professionals to view, store, and share medical images and patient data they contain.

    • Client

      MedTech company
    • Solution

      DICOM viewer
    • Domain

    • Service

      Desktop software development
    • Technology

      C++, MFC, WinSock, ADO


    Prior to medical application development, we polished already existing functionality by fixing some critical defects in the system.

    Development was accomplished through agile processes to focus on continuous improvement and introduce quick modifications.

    AlgoM DICOM Viewer application interface example

    A part from extending the feature set with advanced viewing and editing capabilities, the team at EffectiveSoft:

    • Improved the app performance to ensure faster loading speed.
    • Refined the app design for a better user experience.
    • Ensured compatibility with the latest MS Windows versions.


    The fully functioning solution we delivered enables medical professionals to:

    • Access images stored at a remote location.
    • Upload images into the system and share them with others.
    • Add annotations with measures, angles, circles, and text.
    • Add images to the Worklist featuring patient data, study time, body parts.
    • View images in a cine or 3D modes, adjust brightness and contrast.
    • Save DICOM images in multimedia formats, such as BMP, JPG, AVI, PowerPoint.
    • Search, copy, print, and delete DICOM images or record them to a CD.

    DICOM medical viewer software example


    Tech Stack

      • C++
      • Visual Studio 2008
      • VC++
      • MFC
      • WinSock
      • ADO

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