Case Study: Cross-platform Carpooling Mobile Application
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Cross-platform carpooling mobile application

iOS and Android app for drivers and riders to share the same routes, split expenses, and reduce emissions from vehicles.

Cross-platform carpooling mobile application

    Client and challenge

    Our client is a tech startup that came up with the idea of a carpooling app to match drivers who would wish to share the empty seats in their vehicles with the passengers going on the same route.

    Among the significant benefits of carpooling are reduced costs of journeys and traffic congestion, lower CO2 emissions, and more.

    Initially, the in-house team created basic mock-ups. However, the team lacked technical experience in software development. Effectivesoft was chosen for mobile app development to convert the original idea into a product that would match drivers and riders in the best possible way, provide optimal routing, and convenience and ease of use at the same time.


    The team at EffectiveSoft created a solution that is a combination of a cross-platform app for drivers and riders and a web-based administrator part. The app organizes people in carpool groups in the most optimal way, eliminating delays and enabling smooth communication between participants.

    For riders

    The application uses the contacts saved on the mobile device. When a person from the user’s contact list creates a journey, the app notifies potential riders.

    For drivers

    When a driver arranges a carpooling event, the app creates a carpool based on participants’ locations and displays the exact pickup and drop-off points.



    • The waiting time for the driver and passengers is minimized: the app calculates the pick-up times and the expected arrival time.
    • The app uses Google Maps to display the route and coordinate drivers and passengers.
    • A real-time chat facilitates communication between the app users and keeps them updated; carpoolers also receive push notifications, be it pick-up times, drop-off times, or routes.
    • To encourage people to carpool and create a competitive spirit, the app displays shared miles for each trip and a list of the most active users.
    • To encourage people to carpool and create a competitive spirit, the app displays shared miles for each trip and a list of the most active users.

    Tech stack


    Programming languages: JavaScript

    Frameworks/libraries: Node.js, SAILS, Kue.js, Socket.IO

    Databases/stores: MongoDB, Redis

    Tools/tests: NPN, PM2, karma

    3rd-party tools: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon S3, Google Maps, Push Notifications (GCM & APNS)


    Programming languages: JavaScript, CSS, HTML5

    Frameworks/platforms/libraries: AngularJS, Socket.IO, Ionic, Cordova

    Tools/tests: Gulp, Bower, NPM, Protractor

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