Case Study: Recruitment App Built with Microsoft Power Platform
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Recruitment app built with Microsoft Power Platform

The app streamlines recruitment processes, increases work efficiency and ensures uninterrupted internal cooperation.

Recruitment app built with Microsoft Power Platform

    Client and challenge

    Our client is one of the largest IT staffing companies in the United States. Its daily activities involve collecting and processing a vast amount of information from various stakeholders. The company already adopted Microsoft Office 365 and used Microsoft Excel as a tool for data management. Over time, the client’s business had expanded and existing workflow together with growing amounts of data resulted in a loss and inconsistency of data, as well as excessive time consumption.

    The client turned to EffectiveSoft with a request to create an automated solution in Microsoft Power Platform for a seamless transition to the new system and its smooth migration of data stored in Excel.

    What we did

    On the preliminary project stage we conducted a BA of the processes. Considering the analysis-based conclusions the engineers at EffectiveSoft developed the architecture of the application.

    Next, with the help of Microsoft PowerApps our specialists developed a web app that allows the сlient to streamline their recruitment process.

    The main workflow involves teamwork on a unified comprehensive personnel request form which comprises Customer and Applicant sections along with the financial and billing details to be filled by particular roles in the Company.



    The employees of the Sales and Personnel Departments collaborate on the sections they are responsible for, which contain the Applicant details, Customer details, common applicants requirements and specific requirements for the position (such as NDA, background check, credit history, etc). Other departments involved in the workflow manage general and financial formation.

    Requests categorization (started, in progress, completed) and color coding conveniently help responsible employees track form completion and tasks progress.

    The system daily aggregates data on all modifications made in opened requests within the last 30 days, generates and sends respective reports.

    If the closed request has to be reopened, there is no need to create it anew. The reassign option is available.


    The implementation of our app enabled the automation of business processes with seamless data transfer. Everyday tasks are streamlined with improved staff productivity. The involved departments can collaborate and work simultaneously on the required info.

    Tech stack

    OS: Windows, iOS
    Technologies & tools: Power Apps, Power Automate, Sharepoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office Excel

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