Case Study: Interactive Training Platform for Airport and Airlines Staff
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Interactive training platform for airport and airlines staff

The system controls the competencies of personnel working in the aviation industry and helps the executives ensure compliance with industry standards.

Interactive Training Platform for Airport and Airlines Staff

    Client and challenge

    Our client offers auditing services and consultations to the companies operating in the aviation industry (such as airports, ground service providers, airlines, and other airport-related companies) on how to stay compliant with industry standards. Most of these standards were developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and include (but are not limited to):

    • the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) for airline)
    • the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) Ground Service Provider)
    • the IATA Validation Program and IATA ATS and ATC for training schools/departments.

    The client needed an application that would monitor and control the personnel current skills and corresponding certifications, as well as help to manage their continuous training process.


    The system we developed helps to keep track of employees’ current qualification and sends reminders in case additional training is required to renew their certifications.

    Such well-timed training is aimed at keeping companies in compliance with local and international regulations and employees prepared for the day-to-day challenges.

    The dashboard available for the senior management visualizes the information about courses, trainers, students and their performance. Such monitoring of the workforce competencies and training is vital to improve safety and efficiency of airport operations and to enhance the passenger experience.


    • Every company implementing the solution gets a web application, which remains the integral part of the platform but allows adding their own courses, trainers and employees.
    • Statistics on performed courses explicitly shows the users’ achievements and courses selection.
    • Courses schedule helps to stay informed about any changes, ensures higher attendance, and helps to control the learning process.
    • My courses list helps trainees to keeps track of their progress in different subjects.
    • Notifications won’t let the trainees and trainers miss important messages related to the education process.



    Here are some approaches, technologies and tools that were used during the development process:

    • Complex architecture — the web application includes the main portal and subdomains for companies which are using the solution in- house (the same user’s email (e.g., of a trainer) can be registered in the application in different companies and the created accounts will be completely independent of each other).
    • TypeScript (comes out of the box in NestJS) ensures that the data validation is performed using the Object-oriented programming (OOP) approach (instead of the functional programming methodology) for more stable and correct work of the application.
    • Our custom caching solution decreased the number of intermediate calculations improving application performance and accessibility by end users. To date our team has completed the first part of the project and is actively preparing for the second phase.
    • Data transfer object (DTO) — reduces the number of calls to the server (and thus their cost) aggregating the data of several calls and transferring it in one call.
    • NestJS — the most popular and fast-growing NodeJS framework to date with a modular architecture.

    Tech stack

    Programming languages: Node.js, ReactJS.
    Technologies and tools: NestJS, TypeScript, DTO, Swagger API, Custom Caching Tool.

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