Case Study: Application for Commercial Use of Drones
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Application for commercial use of drones

It allows Android-based devices to design flight plans for DJI drones, autonomously control them, keep a log of the flight, and save captured aerial footage.


    Our client offers aerial intelligence services and supports in-house drone programs for small businesses and enterprises. They collect and analyze aerial data to assist clients in making informed decisions. While they had a web version and an iOS application, they needed an Android application to reach a wider user base. EffectiveSoft was tasked with developing the Android application to meet their requirements.

    • Client

      Aerial intelligence services company
    • Domain

      Aerial Intelligence
    • Services

    • Solution

      Android app
    • Technology

      Android, Kotlin


    Among the requirements was full compatibility with DJI drones and a similar look and feel to the iOS application.

    One of the main challenges was to create a grid-type flight feature, where pilots could define a flight area and the application would generate the flight plan and capture points for imagery. The drone would then autonomously follow the flight plan and capture the approved imagery


    The drone flight application for Android is part of a comprehensive software solution that enables businesses to deploy and scale their drone programs. It facilitates the collection, management, and interpretation of drone data, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions. The application is fully compatible with DJI drones and ensures safe and efficient flying while gathering high-quality information. Key features of the application include enhanced data privacy and security, integrated airspace maps, advanced drone program management tools, and user-friendly grid and waypoint flights.

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    • Safe flying is ensured by using in-app pre-flight checklists.
    • Weather and airspace conditions check is available.
    • A map with multiple types of no-fly zone listings shows where it
      is strictly prohibited to fly and where specific permissions are needed.
    • A pilot can request LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) authorization from the application.

    Waypoint flight

    The data from the mobile device is transferred to the servers, where it is processed and analyzed, thus transforming raw data into actionable data insights.

    Manually-controlled flight

    • Complex planning of an autonomous flight is simple and safe with just a few taps.
    • A pilot can download and see the flight plans of other pilots registered in the system.
    • Real-time video feed from the drone camera is displayed on the mobile device.
    • Pilots create missions for gathering the data related to a specific task in one place, thus improving project management.
    • A pilot can use active track modes, such as spotlight (when the aircraft camera automatically follows the subject by rotating the aircraft’s yaw), tripod (for accurate framing at reduced speed), POI (when the drone repeatedly flies circles of a constant radius around a specified point), and trace (when the aircraft moves in behind the subject keeping a constant distance to it).
    • Flight logs, screen captures, and completed checklists are automatically uploaded when the flight is over (in case there is a connection problem, the data is stored locally and uploaded to the cloud when the application is launched next time with a stable connection.

    Tech stack

    • Mobile development

    • Software development kits

      • DJI SDK
      • AirMap

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