Medical Software Development

At EffectiveSoft, we take advantage of the latest technologies and tech trends to help healthcare providers face their day-to-day workflow issues. Our custom medical software is HIPAA compliant and ensures secure PHI.

Medical practice management

We provide medical software development services
to tackle the following complex tasks.

Medical HR Management Software Development

HR management software

Medical human resources management software helps cope with time-consuming administrative tasks, such as interviews, onboarding, vacation and sick time tracking, payroll, certification and training, including the monitoring and assessment of trainees. We develop custom HR medical workforce and project management software and online collaboration systems that improve employee performance and save time.

Medical Reporting Software Development

Medical reporting software

Medical reporting systems, with the help of BI and machine learning, provide comprehensive analytical and reporting capabilities for meeting the specific needs of the industry. Medical reporting software typically generates patient history and treatment, as well as a wide range of reports, including pathology, radiology, laboratory, operating, billing and inventory, compliance, and government reports.

Medical Data Management Development

Medical data management

This software allows having centralized access to data from heterogeneous systems. We develop medical data management software and integrate it with external systems, such as CRM, custom EHR software, DM and ETL, to collect data from 3rd-party systems into a centralized storage for further analysis and reporting.

Health Information Exchange Software

Health information exchange

Electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE) allows healthcare providers and patients to access and securely exchange electronic health information and improves the speed, quality, and safety of patient care. We integrate HIE functions with EHR/EMR systems, hospital information and practice management systems, lab and exam equipment, medical IoT devices, radiology image systems.

Medical Document Management Software Development

Medical document management

We help medical facilities break down information silos with custom document management software. This software has components like storage, workflow, content retrieval, versioning, security, user dashboard, and more. DM systems comply with security rules and HIPAA confidentiality requirements and make it easier for medical staff to deal with extensive document overloads.

Medical Inventory Management Software Development

Medical inventory management

We build inventory management software that keeps track of all the equipment and medications stored, handles inventory in real time by using QR labels and barcodes, identifies expiring or expired medications, and reminds when medical supplies are running low.

Medical Coding Software Development

Medical coding software

With the help of medical coding software, all the diagnoses, procedures, equipment, and services are classified in ICD-10 coding. EffectiveSoft experts build medical coding systems that comply with the HIPAA standard and CMS-1500 forms.

Medical Accounting Software Development

Medical accounting software

EffectiveSoft provides medical accounting software that is indispensable for billing, medical financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and revenue cycle management.

Custom patient data management software

Hospital management software development

Custom eHospital systems and hospital information systems (HIS).


Custom medical software development

Our expertise in medical software development includes but is not limited to the following software.

Chronic Disease Management Software Development

Chronic disease management

Such applications can significantly simplify the life of chronic patients and provide them with an individual approach to treatment. With chronic disease management apps, you can increase their satisfaction with your medical services.

Medical imaging software

Medical imaging and visualization software is widely utilized for diagnosis and treatment. We provide custom solutions that read and analyze all types of images (MRI, CT, PET, etc.) and data formats (DICOM, TIFF, MINC, etc.). Leveraging the benefits of the recent tech trends, including artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning, our experts build imaging apps that significantly enhance diagnosis accuracy at early stages.

medical devices software development

Medical devices software

High-quality applications for medical devices, including software as a Medical Device (SaMD), increasingly are sought-after in healthcare institutions today. We take up the challenge and develop secure software for medical wearables, radiology equipment, dental and optometry devices, trauma and orthopedic equipment, and other devices.

E-prescribing apps and software development

E-prescribing apps

We develop easy-to-use electronic prescribing (e-prescribing/e-Rx) apps that allow doctors and patients to select drugs, find necessary information about medications, quickly and effectively create and exchange data with pharmacies.

Urgent Care Software Development

Urgent care apps

The growth of urgent care triggered the demand for relevant software. We build HIPAA-compliant urgent care applications that allow connecting care providers with patients with the help of telemedicine, mapping the nearest urgent care facilities, having one-click ambulance, and notifying nurses and doctors about emergencies.

Telemedicine Software Development


A hospital visit is not always an available option. To provide medical services to those patients who cannot make a visit to a doctor, multiple hospitals use telemedicine software development solutions. We develop HIPAA compliant telemedicine software that aids in managing chronic patients, supports home care, and promptly addresses minor urgent cases.

fitness apps

Fitness apps

The ever-growing trend towards wellbeing has caused the demand for fitness app development for smartphones, wearables, and other devices. We build fitness apps that help take control over physical activity, workouts, nutrition and dieting, as well as all-around apps with broad functionality. We also provide personal trainers and gym owners with powerful workflow management solutions.

Medical Intranet Software Development


Healthcare intranets help medical facilities to deal with daily workflow issues, focus on user interests and needs, provide remote access to valuable information, establish corporate culture, and fulfill business purposes. We develop secure intranets that serve as convenient sources of information for personnel (job description, policies, regulatory and legal documents) and facilitate the performance of duties.

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