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Mac OS X software development services

EffectiveSoft provides software development for Mac OS X with the usage of such application environments as Carbon, Cocoa; we develop Java-based programs for Mac OS as well. Our specialists have rich experience in programming for all kinds of OS 9 and OS X (including Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, and Leopard). EffectiveSoft team is also skilled in iOS software development.

Mac OS X development services by EffectiveSoft

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Some words about Mac OS development:

Mac OS is known as operating system created by Apple Inc for Macintosh computers, remarkable for user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), nearly universal plug-and-play support and single-button mousing. The following version of Mac OS are presented:: "Classic" Mac OS is created for Macintosh computers completely graphical operating system associated with Mac OS 9 and the newer version is Mac OS X, including both OpenStep and Mac OS 9 elements and features, it is free software/open source software.

Major benefits of using Mac OS X for developers and end-users are:

Mac OS X is applied successfully to the following solutions developement: