Sentral-Binders DMS

About Solution

Sentral-Binders is a web-based document management system (DMS) designed for the company specializing in research of new drugs and medical devices.

A clinical trial is a complex process that involves a lot of documentation and participation of many medical specialists both at dedicated research facilities and in the private practice setting. What is more, all the study procedures are overseen by an Independent Review Board, undergo guidance and approval process by U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Human Research Protection.

Sentral-Binders was developed to resolve the key issues related to physicians collaboration and research data management. The system provides a single secure environment for the specialists to centrally exchange information in the Word and PDF formats and access it whenever and wherever.

  • Transparent and automated workflow
  • Flexible and reliable data management
  • Ease of version control and history tracking

Project Background

The customer is a U.S. company, Sentral Clinical Research Services, LLC (SCRS) who specialize in medical research of new drugs and medical devices.

SCRS used Google Docs and Outlook emailing system to exchange documents, which eventually turned out to be rather tedious than efficient. The amount of research data was expanding. It was high time for new solutions.

SCRS reached out to EffectiveSoft with the request to develop a unified document management system that would be highly flexible and user-friendly, supporting version control and document approval workflows. The customer had the general idea of what they wanted but didn’t know how to make everything real.

EffectiveSoft started the project with the design of system wireframes prototyping and functional specification accomplished by weekly meetings with the customer. This allowed us to make an accurate project estimation and ensure that we covered all the requirement in detail.


The first phase of the project is over. Sentral-Binders has the basic functionality and is already in production offering the medical specialists a dedicated workplace to automate document revision workflows and collaborate within each other in a productive manner. Saved time, elimination of data input errors, flexibility, security – that is what SCRS was looking for, and EffectiveSoft managed to meet these objectives.

Project Resume

Business model Fixed price
Project workload Approx. 1055+ man-hours
Project team A project manager, 3.NET developers, 1 QA specialist
Documentation GUI mock-ups, functional specification, a project plan, a test plan, test cases
Lines of code 8000
OS Windows Server
Languages .NET C#, MsSQL
Technologies & Tools SmartAdmin, Angular JS 2.0, iTextSharp and Spire PDF, Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word, WebDAVSharp
Industry Healthcare
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