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SafePin is a reliable iOS application for keeping PIN codes for credit cards. The PIN codes are hidden, and only you know their location and the principle by which they are concealed.

SafePin is an ingenious keeper of PIN codes for credit cards. The digits are saved in a matrix in coloured segments. Only you know the principle as how a PIN code is hidden in the matrix. You can find a PIN code at a glance without attracting someone’s attention.

This is an application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, developed by EffectiveSoft. SafePin is quick and easy to use which serves you a big plus to safely refer to it in public. Should your phone be maliciously misused, all the PIN codes remain fully safe.

How To Hide My PIN Code

SafePin offers you a colourful 6×7 segmented matrix. Select the principle by which you want to hide the PIN code:

  • Write the code digits into the segments of a preferable colour
  • Write the code in a preferable location (in the upper-right corner, for example)

User Benefits

  • Possibility to hide PIN codes of any length
  • Each credit card can have its own matrix
  • You can use standard skins or a custom photo for the matrix background
  • Add a Bank Call Centre Tel number to the saved credit card

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