QR Code Reader

The customer turned to EffectiveSoft with the request to develop the application for BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Palm operating systems. As the example of what should be done, the development team was provided with a ready iPhone application.


Key Features

Project background

To meet the customer’s requirements, the development team developed the application based on Java technologies. Further, platform-specific customizations were implemented as follows: J2MEPolish was used for Symbian and Palm, Android SDK – for Android and BlackBerry SDK for Blackberry platforms.

As a result, the customer received agile QR Code Reader with a core common for all the platforms, which contributed to reduced development costs and accelerated application release.

Project Utilizes

Business model
Development model
Rapid prototyping
Project workload
530 man-hours
Project infrastructure
Software development team
QA engineer
Project Manager
Requirements specification, iPhone application as a prototype
Lines of code
Approx. 15000
Technologies & Tools
BlackBerry, Android, Nokia, Palm simulators J2ME, BlackBerry SDK,
J2MEPolish, Android SDK;
Intellij Idea, Eclipse, MS Project, Tortoise SVN, TestTrackPro;
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