Quality Assurance of FlashTrak-RM

About Solution

FlashTrak-RM is a web-based application for tracking temperature variations in refrigeration units to control storage requirements of temperature sensitive products like vaccines. Standalone devices called data loggers attached to the side of refrigerators or freezers are to monitor the inside temperature. The data loggers are viewed as independent data sources and require stable internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile network.

FlashTrak-RM was mostly designed for companies responsible of distributing temperature sensitive products via salesmen operating from their private homes. Thus, one corporate entity can manage several sensing units to ensure correct storage conditions for the products before they are delivered to the end customer. All data gathered by the data loggers are transferred to the application servers and stored for later reviews. In case of any alarm event the application sends alert notifications to the people responsible for adherence to the storage conditions. The application allows setting each data logger individually according to a certain product storage requirements.

Main Features of the application:

FlashTrack-RM user roles


an authorized person of FlashTrak-RM service provider, who has highest access rights; modifies system settings, activates data loggers, uploads new firmware to the sensors and manages company accounts.


manages all features of the system within a Company account: users, groups of users, assets, devices setup and reports.

General users

have access to their assigned assets. They can view the data collected for each data logger, receive notifications on alarm events, view reports of the assets, request new devices, activate new devices, and request deactivation of data loggers.

Quality Assurance of FlashTrak-RM

Quality Assurance


The development of the FlashTrak-RM system started as a distributed project with the offshore development team from another country and QA team from EffectiveSoft. Due to an architectural complexity of the system (remote control of storage requirements, user role-based access, remote firmware update of data loggers, etc.), the customer was concerned about its excellent functionality, high performance, usability and reliability. One more issue was that multiple enhancements were made at different levels of the system, which required a thorough testing.

What and how we did

To provide an accurate quality assessment and testing of the system, the QA team had to ensure that “test data” used was similar to “real” data in terms of both volume and actual values and the system functions as expected by end-users. For this purpose, we accomplished the following objectives during the entire testing process:

Test Planning

examine the system functionality in accordance with functional and design requirements, assess the system quality.

Test Design

design executable scenarios for testing by using adequate techniques.


carry out single-, multiple functions, and scenario test cases; report on any detected defect, retest the fixed bugs.

Quality Assurance of FlashTrak-RM

Project Resume

Business model Time & Material
Development model Waterfall
Project workload About 4 man-weeks
Project Team 2 QA engineers
Documentation Functional specification, GUI mock-ups, test plan, test cases, test reports, defects reports
Test cases Approx. 100
Technologies & tools ASP.NET
Databases used SQL Server 2012
Application Servers and OSs used IIS 8.5, Windows Server 2012
Business need Cold chain management and Temperature control

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