Quality Assurance of Chemical Management System

System Overview


Chemical Management System is a web-based database solution that provides access to independently sourced MSDS allowing its users to assess risk of usage, storage, and transportation of hazardous substances for health and safety compliance control at a workplace.

Key features

  • A modular architecture with user authorization
  • Advanced search with filter settings
  • Step-by-step risk assessment
  • Calculation of hazards and risks of storage of chemicals for different volumes and combinations
  • Full and shortened risk assessment reports
  • Localization in many languages
  • Print, e-mail and report export options

Target audience

  • Food, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers and distributors Emergency services
  • Hospitals
  • Governments
  • Educational institutions
  • Industrial safety managers

Technical characteristics

The system is written in C# , JavaScript and is based on the following technologies and tools: .Net, ASP MVC, WCF, jQuery, Visual Studio, SQL Developer.

Project Background

The customer of EffectiveSoft is Digitalchemy, LLC, a developer of creative solutions for everyday tasks. Having developed a number of innovative calculators running on iOS, Android, and Windows 8, the customer wanted to delight the users with a new, more beautiful solution than just a simple calculator. The development of Artful Calculator was the first project with Digitalchemy which turned out to be a great success later on.

Project History & Achievements


The customer, one of the largest suppliers of solutions for MSDS management and risk assessments, turned to the EffectiveSoft QA Lab with the request to evaluate the quality of the existing Chemical Management System, which was developed by another offshore company. There were no specifications, no documented requirements, only embedded Help files describing basic functionality of the enormous system. QA specialists had to perform a thorough analysis and testing of the system along with intense communication with the customer in order to identify critical defects at functional and usability levels. It turned out that the system enhancement and maintenance would be very costly. Instead, the customer decided to re-develop the system by attracting more experienced development and QA specialists.

Quality Assurance process

The development of new Chemical Management System and Android app started as a distributed project with QA Lab at EffectiveSoft. Agile approach was applied focusing on close cooperation with remote development teams and the customer to assure a high quality of solutions:

  • All the project documentation and related artifacts are centrally stored and shared by the teams in wiki.
  • System defects and project issues are reported and tracked via Jira.
  • Manual and automation testing is used based on designed test cases and coming changes.
  • Regular reporting on each build’s quality along with weekly reports about the work done.

Tests conducted

Web system

Load testing

to check system capabilities to tolerate high load of users and loaded MSDS

Regression testing

to keep overall application quality at a high level by testing already implemented functionalities

Perfomance testing

to emulate required conditions and measure system response

Andriod app

Usability & compatibility testing

to verify app user-friendliness and compatibility with most of Android OS versions and devices

Functional & interrupt testing

to check how the app works under set requirements and reacts to external factors (incoming calls, low battery, Internet connection)

Localization testing

to check correct display of a localized content (dates, characters, numbers)

Cross-browser testing: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari.

Cross-platform testing: Windows, Mac.

Tools used: Intellij IDEA and Selenium/jUnit for automation testing, jMeter for performance and load testing.


By combining our testing expertise with the development expertise of another company, various testing milestones were achieved effectively and on time. The application is successfully put into production which proves its quality and the teams’ expertise and productivity. The customer was impressed by the quality of the service provided and plans to delegate new challenging tasks to our QA Lab. But that’s the story of another project.

Project Resume

Business model Time & Material
Development model Agile
Project workload Approx. 6 000 man-hours
Team 1 team lead, 3 QA specialists
Documentation Test plan, test cases, functional specification, application quality reports
Technologies & tools Intellij IDEA, Selenium/jUnit, jMeter

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