LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

Gift Shop Online


Expertise area: Web design & development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Industry domain: E-shop, E-commerce.

A nice-looking, content-rich, and SEO-friendly e-shop for ordering and delivering gifts on any occasion.

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Health Care E-shop


Expertise area: Web design & development, corporate website.
Industry domain: E-commerce, Healthcare.

The site advertises the company and its services to a wide range of healthcare and industry sectors. This company sells medical equipment and diverse hygienic means for health protection.

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Online Merchant Platform


Expertise area: Application design & development, data safety, business analysis, risk management, CRM.
Industry domain: E-commerce.

This is a fully functional payment platform that enables merchants to sell their e-services centrally, with fast turn-around and high credibility. The platform is easily integrated with any payment gateway.

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Online Payment Platform

Expertise area: Application design & development, business analysis, business process analysis, CRM, security, risk management, data safety, cross-platform integration.
Industry domain: Banking & Finance, E-commerce.

This is a powerful payment platform that allows a Payment Service Provider to handle payments over the Internet in a safe and secure way. Payment methods include: сredit cards, E-checks/online checks, phone billing, SMS-billing.

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Money Transfer Management System


Expertise area: Web development & design, application re-factoring and re-engineering
Industry domain: Financial services

Money Transfer Management System is one of enterprise level solutions, created by EffectiveSoft company. This web-based system offers remittance payment services globally.

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SMS Money Transfer App


Expertise area: SMS applications
Industry domain: Financial Services

This SMS software solution is a system notable for apt and efficient integration with the SMS messaging application, which enables SMS management, communication and notification.

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Payment Gateways Integration


Expertise area: Payment gateways integration
Industry domain: E-commerce

The system allows to make a purchase using a shopping cart. The administrator can manage a product catalogue, review payment data etc.

There are several modules, including a handler for payment verification and transactions processing and logging, a key generator etc.; a database is used for data storage. The payment gateway is integrated, and several payment methods are available.

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Expertise area: Web design and development
Industry domain: Online dating / Social

SingldOut is an exclusive dating site connecting single professionals via LinkedIn.

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Front-end and Back-end
Development of 2 Microsites


Expertise area: Web development
Industry domain: Television, Media & Entertainment

EffectiveSoft developed a promotionan website for an interactive media company that creates worldwide Participation TV formats.

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