Payment Gateway Integration

The system allows to make a purchase using a shopping cart. The solution was developed by EffectiveSoft. The administrator can add products to the catalogue with different parameters. This is a system with an integrated payment gateway. The following payment methods are available:

Share-ItPayPalGoogle Wallet

The system is written in PHP and JavaScript. MySQL database is used for data storage.

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  • processes requests from payment systems
  • checks the price validity and the product ID
  • sends requests for key generation
  • sends email notifications to users
  • logs transactions to database

Principle of operation:

After a request with payment information is received from the payment system, this info is added to database. Next the validity of the product ID and the product’s price is verified. If the verification is successful, a unique key is generated and an e-mail with a unique key is sent to the user. If the verification fails, the user gets a notification, that something went wrong.


  • generates a unique key for a product

Principle of operation:

The handler module sends a request for key generation. If the key has been generated, the response is this key, otherwise the response is “error”.

Admin panel

  • payment data revision
  • monitoring of payment state progress
  • sending of notifications to the user
  • adding of products to the catalogue
  • changing of e-mail notification patterns
  • search for operations by user’s name, e-mail etc.

Principle of operation:

An administrator has to sign in using login and password. After that he/she can view information on orders, add new products to the catalogue, edit the current ones.

Database Structure

Three tables in MySQL database is used for data storage:

  1. Products – a catalogue of goods with different parameters (price, description, color, material, etc.). The table structure can be changed according to a particular type of goods.
  2. Orders – information about payments. An approximate structure is the following:
    • ID – the unique number of the payment in the system
    • productId – the product’s number
    • date – date of payment
    • price – the sum of money paid
    • paymentType – type of payment (Share-It, PP, GW)
    • etc.
  3. Email_pattern – a draft sending a letter. It may contain a certain set of variable parameters (user name, e-mail etc.), which are automatically replaced to data of a concrete user or a concrete purchase.

The structure can be changed according to specific customer’s needs.

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