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Orders and Transportation Management System

TransportX system is designed for the personnel in the transportation industry for managing shipment orders, vehicle load, and transportation from a centralized location. It is designed as a desktop client-server application with the integrated system of orders generation and accumulation from the Internet.

Solution Highlights

The system allows the user to:

Project History & Achievements

The customer of EffectiveSoft wanted to attract a team of professional software engineers for a long-term project. The requirement was to perform the code review of the existing system and implement a number of new functional features.

To meet the customer’s objectives, the EffectiveSoft team accomplished the following development tasks:

Upon the development release, a complete solution was newly and successfully deployed on the customer’s side. The system passed SAT (System Acceptance Test). A number of enhancements are underway.

Project Utilizes

Business model

Offshore Development Center

Development model

Incremental development with periodical releases

Project workload

6 man-years

Project infrastructure

Project manager
Software development team
QA team


System architecture and functional specification, test cases

Lines of code

700 000

Technology domains

Software Architecture, n-tiers Applications, Web Services, Class Libraries, Mobile devices

Technologies & Tools

Borland Development Studio 2007, Oracle, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008


Pascal, C#, SQL