Order Management System

Guernsey Mint Refined Limited uses a set of interlinking software systems to manage its precious metal investment business. The software allows handling client orders from start to finish without the need for manual input.

Microgen 5Series Secure Web Portal is a client-facing solution which allows capturing Guernsey Mint Refined customer’s trade instructions.

Order Management System developed by EffectiveSoft is a middle office application which enables the following tasks:

  • Receiving the client information, products and currencies data from Microgen 5Series Web Portal
  • Creating orders based on the received data
  • Notifying the responsible brokers about the orders created
  • Executing orders by brokers
  • Generating PDF files with transaction details
  • Transmitting PDF files to Microgen 5Series Portfolio Administrator for accounting and record keeping

Microgen 5Series Portfolio Administrator for accounting and record keeping is back-office accounting software.

Project background

Guernsey Mint Refined Limited is one of Europe’s premier suppliers of gold bars, silver bars, platinum bars, palladium bars and bullion coins tax free. Based in Guernsey, the company was established at the start of 2012 by experienced offshore financial market professionals.

The customer approached EffectiveSoft to develop an Order Management System that would allow receiving information from the customer’s web-portal, processing orders and forwarding the data to the customer’s back-office software.

What we did

Using ASP.NET MVC 3.0, jQuery, PdfSharp, LinqToCsv technologies EffectiveSoft developed the Order Management System from scratch and integrated it into Microgen 5Series software. The data on products and customers are captured through the web-portal and are fed automatically into the Order Management System where they are processed. The data on the executed orders are then transmitted into the back-office accounting software.

Additionally, the Order Management System was integrated with Forex Market to manage orders on currency trading.

The results

The customer received a reliable solution, which seamlessly works with Microgen 5Series software.

Project resume

Business model

Fixed Price

Development model


Project workload

About 1000 man-hours

Project Team

2 Developers


Functional specification

Lines of code

About 40 000


C#, JavaScript

Technologies & Tools

ASP.NET MVC 3.0, jQuery, PdfSharp, LinqToCsv


Precious metals investment

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