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The Magic Screen is an Android game, a drawer based on the idea of the “Etch A Sketch” toy. The game was developed by EffectiveSoft. Draw pictures with just a single continuous line, shake to erase, see the shadows of your previous sketches.

Project Background

In the remote 1960 a French inventor Andre Cassagnes presented children with the first personal “tablet” and called it “Etch A Sketch”. With time this game became available in the USSR. The Soviet kids knew it under the name “The Magic Screen”. Hours on end we used to draw uncomplicated pictures, sometimes true masterpieces, or, driven by childish curiosity, disassemble the toy, break it and hide the aluminium powder away from our parents.

Solution highlights

Today you have a chance to feel like a kid and recall how difficult it was to draw with just a single continuous line. We bring to your attention “The Magic Screen” game. We did our utmost to renew the main distinctive features of “The Magic Screen” in the computer program:

Customer benefits

Project Utilizes

Total project development time

105 hours

Lines of code


Tools & technologies

Android SDK, Eclipse IDE


Java, XML

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