Portfolio Project - Library Management System

Project Background

The Library Management System (LMS) is a web-based automation system.

It is designed for accessing, sharing and managing information assets across multiple offices or country boundaries. The multi-lingual design and features allow local catalogues to reflect local needs whilst conforming to the needs of a corporate standard.

Solutions highlights
The system allows the staff to:

Perform an advanced search in the library catalogue
Manage the library catalogue content and physical copies
Access and manage the thesaurus
Store information about the borrowers, track the borrower’s activity in the past and make records about the current activity
Administrate a user access

Technical characteristics of the LMS:

Customizable to meet specific client’s needs.
The usage of Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database technologies.
The catalogue information is exported to the files of PDF, DOC, XLS, XML or CSV formats
Support of the Open Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), which is a public sub-system of the SoutronGLOBAL LMS. It is accessible round-the-clock from any client desktop via Internet or the client Intranet.
Multi-lingual and poly-hierarchical thesaurus management tool. Control over words and phrases.

Competitive advantages

System customization in terms of catalogue fields and templates management (creating, editing, deleting)
New advanced search logic
New AJAX powered user interface
New integrated multi-lingual poly-hierarchical thesaurus
New export formats (PDF, XML, CSV)
Improved navigation in many system areas, including loans and borrowers facilities
Improved User Defined Fields selection
Better local views
More informative system messages (notifications and warnings)
Project utilizes
Total project development time

14,5 man-years

Technologies and Tools

.NET Framework 2.0, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, Reporting

Services, MS SQL Server, DevExpress


C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL