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EffectiveSoft has developed an Internet Explorer Learning Plug-in for an online learning platform. The online learning platform is intended for higher educational institutions and allows sorting students into groups by their learning dispositions. Data on how students learn are then used to provide proper content for them. The Learning Plug-in allows students to search for appropriate educational articles by suitable courses or by keywords. Teachers and students can rate the articles according to the content quality, compatibility for learning, and reliability of common facts; it is also possible to share comments. All entered data are stored to the database and are available for further use.

Project History

The customer, a company that provides interactive and adaptive learning tools, was developing an online service, which included two projects: setting up a platform environment and developing Internet Explorer plug-in. The customer approached EffectiveSoft to develop the plug-in for IE.

What and How We Did

The plug-in was developed from scratch with the application of the following technologies:


For students:

For teachers:


The customer is very satisfied with the results and is planning to implement the final product to many different kinds of learning environments. There are plans to involve EffectiveSoft into further product development and extension; in particular, our team is expected to develop plug-ins for other browsers and to implement improvements to the server part.

Project Resume

Business model

Time & Material

Development model


Project workload

About 168 man-hours


A developer


Customer’s initial product specification


C++, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

Technologies & Tools

ATL, MSXML 6.0, WiX Installer

Business need

Online Education

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