Promotional Web-site for iPowow

ipowow.com is the company online presence on one page developed by EffectiveSoft in a compact and inviting manner.

Project background

The customer of EffectiveSoft is iPowow, an interactive media company that creates the most compelling worldwide Participation TV formats. By leveraging an interactive experience of second screens during a TV show, iPowow offers broadcasters and viewers a unique possibility to interact live: participate in voting, exchange opinions, viewers can play as a “guest” and answer trivia questions to collect point and win the prize, for example.

Since the spectrum of solutions, the clientele, and the overall activity of iPowow are quite multi-faceted, the customer wanted an inviting, content-rich and persuasive web-site that delivers a complete image of the company and its services.

What and how we did

To design the web-site layout and empower the customer with the handy tools to independently manage the content in the future, it was decided to use a free-source publishing platform WordPress.

EffectiveSoft team developed custom WordPress modules that enable the user to manage content and banners display, images and video behavior for each web-site block. The modules were developed on PHP and JavaScript. Facebook and Twitter APIs were used to link ipowow.com to social networks.


ipowow.com represents the company online presence on one page within several blocks scrolled through vertically. The web-site is characterized by a responsive design and easy carousel navigation offering a visitor an optimal viewing experience. The customer was pleased to see an appealing web-site that introduces all the information about iPowow in a compact and inviting manner.

Project resume

Business model

Time & Material

Development model


Project workload

Approx. 550 man-hours


1 Project manager, 1 PHP developer, 1 JavaScript developer, 1 HTML coder


Design sketches


JavaScript, HTML5, PHP5.4

Technologies & tools

WordPress, Ajax, CSS3, Facebook API, Twitter API


Television, Media & Entertainment

Business need

Appealing, persuasive and content-rich design for Web and iPhone

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