MindKeeper for iPhone

Project background

MindKeeper stores the content of preferable web pages, makes it accessible in the offline mode and allows for regular auto-update.

MindKeeper by EffectiveSoft is user-friendly software for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is designed for storing favourite web pages and makes them accessible offline. MindKeeper is ideal for web surfing, storing preferable web pages or their fragments and grouping them accordingly to customer preferences.

To get started with the program you should:

  1. Add a new web page with a name and url.
  2. Change its position or level in tree view.
  3. Navigate over the pages to store any fragment.
  4. Use preview view to get access to stored fragment in offline mode.
  5. Open web page in Safari web browser if you need it.

The iPhone application with UI interface and interactive features was build with the power of such tools and technologies as: Apple XCode, Adobe Photoshop, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch API, Core Data and others.

Solution highlights of MindKeeper software for iPhone:

  1. The tree-view organization of web pages.
  2. The preview mode of pages.
  3. The offline mode, which allows store the entire web page or its fragment.
  4. Saving zoom scale and position of view on the webpage.
  5. Schedule auto-update of the web content.
  6. The web page name or description

Benefits for customers:

  1. Surfing web pages and organizing them into groups
  2. Saving the content you need
  3. Access to web pages in the offline mode
  4. Auto-update of pages on the schedule

Project utilizes

Design development


Design development time

40 man-hours

Number of graphic elements


Software development


Total project development time

300 man-hours

Lines of code



Xcode 4, Interface Builder


Objective C, Cocoa touch API, Core Data

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