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Selecting Travel Loyalty Program Bonuses (STLPB) is a system for delivering travel loyalty program bonus incentives to travelers while they are booking online travel. It also tracks user’s (user is the traveler booking online) program point totals and recommends the best bonuses for the traveler to optimize their points gathering.

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The system allows a user to:

mileblaster widget

  • Track frequent flyer points and miles in popular travel programs in one convenient location;
  • Find miles and points bonuses with partner airlines, hotels, credit cards, and rental cars;
  • Calculate and sort the trip miles and points for every frequent traveler program associated with the tickets;
  • See the miles expiration dates, redeemable miles and progress towards awards on a progress bar, the elite qualifying miles and segments on a progress bar.

The STLPB system consists of two parties: Server and Client.

The server part is a web site, which allows managing information on flights and hotels, creating rules and bonuses.

The client part is a flash tool (widget), which runs on most online travel booking sites, including suppliers. The user information is easily accessible and it is not required to download the widget.

Project History

The customer addressed EffectiveSoft with a request to create a system which may help travelers choose the best trips.

The customer specified the following requirements:

  • Collecting data for each ticket results page
  • Supplier bonuses, logic and conditions
  • Selected bonus & point total display
  • Loyalty program and user points totals
  • Registrations tracking
  • Performance Reports, Quality Reports
  • Billing and Invoices

Mobile design and development


For the evolution of the product and the more widespread use of the secrecies the customer made a decision to create a mobile version of the application. In a short time, a specification for the mobile application was created. The main goal of the project was to create a friendly interface which uses the same web services as the Web Widget.

The project covered the following stages:

  1. Requirements specification
    EffectiveSoft specialists carefully studied the specifications provided by the customer and suggested a lot of innovations that allowed to perfect the initial features of the system and made GUI design more friendly for users.
  2. Design and development
    The development of the planned functionality was held in compliance with standard processes and procedures for each of the iterations adopted by EffectiveSoft.
  3. QA processes
    QA processes went in parallel with development stage, each milestone was tested and bugs were fixed before the next stage.

As soon as each milestone was completed, the system was fully operative and had new functionality. Contact our managers to get more information about this project on the project history and achievements.

Project Resume

Business model

Project-based (fixed-price model)

Development model


Project workload

More than 9 500 man-hours

Project infrastructure

Project manager

Software development team, QA team, Designers


System requirements specifications, GUI specifications, test cases

Lines of code

113 000

Technology domains

Software Architecture, RIA, Web Applications, Apple iPhone Application, Flash Lite Application


PHP, JavaScript, SQL, ActionScript 3, MXML, Objective-C, ActionScript 2

Technologies & Tools

Zend Framework, AJAX, Prototype JS Framework, Adobe Flex 3, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash CS4, Flash Lite 3.0, DHTML, CSS, XML, MySQL Server, Scribe Insight, TortoiseSVN, Apple Xcode, iPhone SDK 2.2, iPhone Simulator, iPhone OS Frameworks

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