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iPad app, designed for Internet kiosk as a Safari-based display engine, offers users (exhibition and trade fair participants, visitors, tourists) an excellent opportunity to access Internet at the place of event and browse necessary information to stay informed and up to date.
The app is configurable as which web-pages are accessible and which external links on the web-page are disabled. It also enables users to provide contact details, which appears an ideal solution both for business and non-profits.

Solutions Highlight

The app is easy to set up, which allows managing both a single and a number of kiosks by configuring the following features:


Project History & Achievements

12lod12The customer specialized in design and programming of interactive kiosks turned to EffectiveSoft with the request to develop the iPad application, which would eventually serve the purpose of Internet browsing and kiosk administering. It was also requested to develop two versions of the app, such as Lite and Pro.
The main requirement was to provide the administering personnel with the possibility to configure the app in such a way so that visitors' attention is kept on certain web-pages without being carried away by clicking external links, changing the URL manually, clicking bookmarking pages, ads, etc.
To meet this requirement and a number of other ones, our mobile developer created a separate Settings page with a list of options to best and reliably customize the app. A set of options is different for each of the app versions.
The development run in parallel with testing, this ensured the app delivery in time and with quality.

Project Utilizes

Business model


Development model

Rapid prototyping

Project workload

80 man-hours

Project infrastructure

iPhone developer QA engineer


Functional specification

Lines of code




Technologies & Tools

Apple Xcode 3.2.4, Phone SDK 3.2, iPad Simulator


Business, Media, Communication

Industry expertise

Mobile solutions

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