Intellexer Enterprise Solution

For Whom IES is Intended

This solution is a tried-and-true, powerful tool for researchers, scientists and engineers, who have to work with extensive scientific literature.

The open API allows for the creation of custom solutions in such spheres as:

  • Multimedia content management;
  • Personal information management;
  • Online advertising;
  • Big-Data processing;

Project background

IES is a proprietary product developed by EffectiveSoft. For many years our company conducted research in the fields of linguistics and semantics. We successfully used our technologies in a number of commercial projects. Later we united all the know-hows into a single solution – Intellexer SDK. On the basis of this SDK we created out-of-the-box solutions. For more than 6 years we have been continually working on the improvement and extension of this project. Scores of our best specialists have taken part in the project development. Today IES is a high-capacity client-server solution oriented towards corporate clients and software developers.

General features

Document management

IES enables us to conveniently organize storage and access to corporate document database. Filling database with documents and distribution into categories is performed automatically.

Knowledge management

Intelligent semantic tools allow you to effectively find the required knowledge “dissolved” in large number of documents.

Research and analysis

IES provides you with all the necessary tools to carry out different researches, concerned with search, gathering and processing of information.

Custom tools and integration

IES comes with open API, that allows you to create your own semantic tools, and configure IES in the best way and integrate this functionality with any software you use in your daily work.

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