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Flash game Rally Quest 2

Rally Quest2

Expertise area: Online game development, flash game development
Industry domain: Entertainment.

This flash game Rally Quest 2 demonstrates Flash development skills of EffectiveSoft's team and the power of Adobe Flash CS4 technology. The mission of flash game is to drive the car quickly and to meet challenges on the way to finish.

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Flash game East Indian Tycoon

Flash game East Indian Tycoon

Expertise area: Game development.
Industry domain: Entertainment.

EffectiveSoft released an entertaining iPhone game East Indian Tycoon with interactive features and ported it to Flash. The mission of the game is to collect fruits and goods on islands and deliver them to the storage by setting an order of tasks.

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Flash Game - Crazy Tetris


Expertise area: Online game development, flash game development.
Industry domain: Entertainment.

EffectiveSoft's Flash programmers developed free Flash game Crazy Tetris. This flash project with entertaining features demonstrates programming experience of EffectiveSoft's flash developers. To play the free flash Tetris online users have to build solid rows of pisses and gain maximum amount of points.

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Gas Station - Flex Demo

Flex Programming

Expertise area: Web development & design, e-commerce software.
Industry domain: E-commerce.

A part of a larger project related to the programming of statistics management workflows with the usage of the Flex Charting library.

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Interactive Multimedia Training System

Flex Programming

Expertise area: E-learning Software Development.
Industry domain: Construction.

Interactive multimedia training system is designed for the IKEA supermarket employees. Its main objective is to master employee's professional marketing and communication skills.

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Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

Learning Content Management System

Expertise area: Learning Content Development
Industry domain: Education

Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is a software system for the creation, management and transfer of learning content. An LCMS is a multi-user environment where developers may create, store, reuse, manage, and deliver digital learning content from a central object repository.

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Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)


Expertise area: Software Architecture, Web Applications
Industry domain: Construction

The portfolio project Visual Byblos Cyberspace (VBC) is a complicated Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), which helps customers and service vendors to get access and exchange information from any location.

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Transaction Performance Management System (TPMS)


Expertise area: Rich Internet Applications, Flex, Flash
Industry domain: Government, Professional Services

Transaction Performance Management System (TPMS) is an integrated product suit that helps enterprises to take control of business performance of their applications.

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