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Flash PDF is a Windows-based desktop application for managing data received from a temperature sensor manufactured by a Company, producing solutions for cold chain management and temperature monitoring. The application allows monitoring temperature changes registered by the data logger over some period of time to make sure that temperature sensitive products were kept in according to certain storage requirements. The software and the data logger represent a complex solution designed for use in industries like Food Safety, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Adhesives, as well as in any businesses involving temperature sensitive commodities, inclusive of processing, manufacturing, storage, shipping, handling, etc.

As soon as the gauge is connected to a PC with Flash PDF installed via a USB port, the application generates a detailed PDF report according to the options set by a user before the sensor was placed for gathering temperature data.

The application has a simple design and is extremely easy to use. Besides technical options for generated reports, like text encoding, data folder for storing reports, etc., Flash PDF has several localizations and time zone selection. In addition, users may take advantage of activating synchronization with a special server to get extra services, like storing the generated reports and allowing certain people to access them via the web interface.

Main Features of the application:

  • Simple installation;
  • User friendly design;
  • Instantly generated detailed PDF reports upon connection of the data logger;
  • Customizable view of the generated reports (colors, units, etc.);
  • Several localizations;
  • Additional services via synchronization options.

Project History & Achievements


Before turning to EffectiveSoft the customer already had the application developed by another Software Company. What was required from EffectiveSoft is QA services and bug fixing. Along with the request, the customer provided detailed functional specification and device manuals.

What we did and what we do

Since EffectiveSoft did not have to develop the application from scratch, it did not take our specialists much time to run the necessary tests to detect all software malfunctions. Based on the documentation received from the customer developers of EffectiveSoft fixed all program bugs and errors reported by QA specialists. The main tools used in the process of development were Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework. After the necessary corrections were made to the program code, the QA specialists run final tests to make sure all the improvements work fine with the rest of the software.

The project was finished in time and with no problems faced during the working process. Upon the project completion, EffectiveSoft delivered a fully functional desktop application, which is now widely used by the clients of our customer.

Project Resume

Business model Fixed Price
Development model Agile
Project workload Approx. 610 man-hours
Project team 2 software developers, 1 QA engineer
Documentation Functional specification, Device manuals, Test cases
Lines of code Approx. 11800
Languages C#
Technologies & tools Visual Studio 2010, .NET
Domain Cold chain management and Temperature control

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