Flash game East Indian Tycoon

Flash game East Indian Tycoon is a demo project, created to demonstrate Flash programming skills of EffectiveSoft’s game developers. An original iPhone game East Indian Tycoon was ported to Flash for the convenience of clients and game amateurs.
You may also play Flash demo game or read about the iPhone version of the game.

Project background

East Indian iPhone game

Click the image to play Flash game

A team of experienced project manager, mobile developers, designers and script writers were involved in Flash game development and porting process. The team of game developers decided to make a ship and islands main game characters.

The mission of the Flash demo East Indian Tycoon is to monitor islands and to deliver goods from islands to the storage.
EffectiveSoft developers adopted Agile methodology to game creation what improved and accelerated game development process.

Game rules:

  1. To gather ripe fruits or goods on the islands and take them to the storage
  2. Deliver harvest to the storage before it gets spoilt
  3. Set an order of tasks for the ship and manage it in time

Solution highlights

  • Events processing
  • Lifecycle management of objects
  • Dynamic calculation of move trajectory
  • State machines
  • Accelerometer data processing

Benefits for the customers

Flash game East Indian Tycoon preserves all features and benefits of iPhone version of this game.

  • Fast game prototyping
  • Expandable game architecture
  • Rich graphic user interface with touch control and shake gesture support
  • Adjustable parameters for fine game balance tuning

Project utilizes

Design development


Design development time

300 hours

Number of created graphic elements

80 items

Software development


Total project development time

230 hours

Lines of code



Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash Builder 4.0, Adobe Flash CS4


Flash Platform, Tweening Platform

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