Flash Game - Crazy Tetris

EffectiveSoft company has recently released Flash game Crazy Tetris, one more interesting portfolio project created by EffectiveSoft's Flash programmers. Tetris is famous and popular game for players of all ages, and now we want to present Flash demo version of Tetris with new amusing functionality.

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Project background


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Flash game Crazy Tetris is a demo project, designed by EffectiveSoft's team by taking advantages of Adobe Flash CS4, Action Script 3.0, Box2DFlashAS3 2.1a, Adobe Photoshop development tools and technologies. This flash project demonstrates skills, subject knowledge, technical background and flash development experience of our programmers.

The main point of Tetris flash game is to pass a level as fast as possible getting maximum number of points. The complexity of every next level increases. To pass a level, a user has to build solid rows in a "glass" by throwing pieces into it. The complete rows disappear and user is awarded with points. On the simplest level a user can move pieces within the "glass" but on higher levels he can only throw pieces into it.

High performance of this flash game and handling of complex processes as displacement, acceleration, elastic collisions and others were achieved by applying Box2DFlashAS3 engine.

Solution highlights

Flash game advantages for players 

Project utilizes

Total project development time

200 hours

Lines of code

AS3: 1390


Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe Photoshop


Action Script 3.0, Box2DFlashAS3 2.1a, Tweening Platform

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