Execution Management System (back office)


This is a back office of larger project, Execution Management System, created for Edge Trade Company by EffectiveSoft. The software was developed to improve trading and executing process on exchanges using innovative technologies and Java development tools. Here you can read about the client side of Execution Management System.

Project background

The Execution Management System was created for trading on Stock Exchanges (as NASDAQ, NYCE and others); Execution Management System (EMS) is an independent agency front-end platform, offering a high-speed gateway to several execution venues, it possesses low latency market data, Direct Market Access (DMA) order types and easy customization to trader's specifications. The administrative side of this platform is for buy-side and sell-side trades, it focuses on connection with various stock exchanges and improves execution and trading process due to algorithmic trading strategies.

Solution highlights

The back office side of EMS provides administration functions at brokerage: trade confirmation and settlement, trading of securities support, executions monitoring, orders management, client authentication and login. The server side of Execution Management System is a gateway to different trading systems as Bloomberg, ESP, Eze Castle, Fidessa, Longview (Linedata), Macgregor, Mixit and others, it uses FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol for real-time information exchange. EffectiveSoft developers created the software with the power of such tools as IDEA, Eclipce, FogBugz and Java programming language.

Benefits for the customers

Project utilizes

Total project development time

5 years

Lines of code



IDEA, Eclipce, TOAD, Putty, PowerDesigner, FogBugz


JAVA 1.6, DB - Oracle 9.0, Applocation Server - Apache Tomcat-6.X, Struts, AJAX, DHTML, DisplayTag, Java Web Start Technology, JDBC, LOG4J, Jackarta Commons, Java Mail, JSTL, POI, JUnit

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