Electronic Document Management System

edmsVisual Byblos Cyberspace (VBC) is a powerful and sophisticated Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), based on MS SQL Server, Windows and Web tools. The system empowers customers and service vendors to access and exchange information from any geographical location.

The interface of the system is designed to provide full access to all features of the system, but it is too complicated for non-advanced PC users. Hence, in order to allow both novice and inexperienced users to work with VBC in an intuitive manner, VBC Flex Dashboard was designed with the usage of latest RIA (Rich Internet Applications) technologies. The corporate dashboard is created as a customizable solution enabling users to consolidate personal, team, departmental, project, corporate, and even external information in a one single portal, thus enhancing communication between dispersed teams.

Project Background

edmsThe customer of EffectiveSoft is a leading engineering company in Middle East. It has a dedicated IT division that develops different software for in-house use (including VBC). As we already mentioned, "VBC Full Client" user interface is designed to provide full access to all features of the system, but it is too complicated for regular users. So the customer made a research and found out that Adobe Flex technology is suitable enough to design a smart and user-friendly interface. They contacted EffectiveSoft as one of the leading offshore development companies providing solutions for Flex.

Solution highlights

Customer advantages

Project utilizes

Project workload
48 man-months
Lines of code
Flex - 45000 approx.; .NET - unknown
Technologies and Tools
Adobe Flex SDK 3 and 4, Flex Builder 3; Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
ActionScript 3, C#, DHTML (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
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