DMS Connector

Project Background

The customer is Aconex Ltd., who provides online collaboration and project management solutions for commercial and government sectors, was looking for a flexible solution to connect document managements systems of different clients to Aconex online platform.

Prior to the application development, our team researched a number of document managements systems, such as Documentum, Oracle Primavera, and Microsoft SharePoint. This was necessary to determine the differences between the systems in order to work out a flexible system of transformation rules.

DMS Connector was created from scratch as an ASP.NET application written in C# language. The development run in parallel with testing to ensure error-free and seamless systems integration.

Solution Highlights

  • Support of Documentum, Oracle Primavera, and Microsoft SharePoint DMSs.
  • Easy-to-setup integration rules. Filters for documents in a source DMS and transformation rules for creating/amending documents in the target system are used.
  • Configured integration projects can be synchronized both manually and automatically. In the latter case, an internal scheduling engine is used.
  • Ability to track the synchronization process and its status online. Support of logs.

Project Utilizes

Business model

Time & material

Development model


Project workload

500 man-hours

Project infrastructure

1 Project Manager, 4 developers, 2 QA specialists


Requirements specification

Lines of code

170 000



Technologies & tools

.NET, Aconex API, Documentum API, Oracle Primavera API, SharePoint API

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